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 Hickory Farms Community Association

P.O. Box 2239, Fairfax, Virginia 22031


Members of the Board of Directors & Officers

   President, Board of Directors (BOD)

Bruce Bernhardt


4301 Still Meadow

   Vice President (BOD)

Chuck Stewart 703-425-7368

4326 Still Meadow

   Secretary (BOD)

Ed Wagner


4356 Harvester Farm

   Treasurer (Officer)

Brenda Denny


4286 Country Squire

   Common Areas (BOD)

Don Lobeda


10031 Wheatfield

   Architectural Control Committee (BOD)

Brian Roethlisberger


4330 Still Meadow

   At Large - Neighborhood Watch (BOD)

Position Available

   At Large (BOD)

Brand Niemann


4316 Still Meadow

   At Large (BOD)

Kirk Randall


4279 Country Squire

   At Large (BOD)

Mike Mehrman


9998 Cotton Farm

   At Large (BOD)

Dante Gilmer


4359 Farm House

   Webmaster (Officer)

Bryan Crabtree


10025 Cotton Farm

   Fall Community Yard Sale (Officer)

Pete Scala


4313 Still Meadow

   Valued Volunteers

   e-mail / listserv

Stefan Schwarz

   Architectural Control Committee

Brian Roethlisberger (Chairperson), Keith Ferguson, Donna Garfield,

Ed Kiechlin, Kirk Randall

   Newsletter Delivery

Sondra Arnold, Debbi Buchanan, Claire & Sean Coleman, Dante

Gilmer, Ed Kiechlin, John Kitzmiller, Stefan Schwarz, Heather Webb

   Social Committee

Kendra Seymour


4371 Farm House


Important and Emergency Phone Numbers


Volunteer for Neighborhood Watch !


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Hickory Farms is located in Fairfax County, Virginia (Zip Code 22032), just a few yards from Fairfax City and George Mason University.  The community lies between Roberts Road, Burke Station Road, Main Street (Route 236 / Little River Turnpike) and Braddock Road, and contains 198 single family homes built 1975-81.  Approximately 95% of our residents are homeowners.  We have an active homeowner association, which not only ensures that owners maintain their properties but which also organizes community social gatherings like children's parades, Halloween parties, etc. for the benefit of all residents - owners and tenants alike.  A popular swim club is within walking distance.  Homeowner association dues ($150/year) are used largely to maintain our beautiful common areas, which comprise over 17 acres of wooded land and open areas, where both children and adults can play (our sledding hill is awesome, as are our hiking trails).  Hickory Farms is in Fairfax County's highly ranked Woodson High / Frost Middle / Oak View Elementary school district and is only a 20 minute drive from Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology, one of the highest rated high schools in America.  2014-15 home sales were in the $525-625,000 range for single family 3-5 bedroom homes in this very desirable community.


     •         Architectural Control Committee (ACC)

•         ACC Application for Approval for Modifications to the Exterior of Your Home

•         ACC Approval of Your Exterior Renovation Project – How to Get it

•     Hickory Farms ACC Procedures.htm

•         Annual Assessments/Dues

•         Board of Directors – Meets about 4-5 times a year. Call the President for time/place of the next meeting.

•         City of Fairfax Web Site

•         Common Areas

•         E-mail/Listerv Service – Receive the monthly newsletter and other important info.  Send an e-mail to your neighbors.

•         Fairfax County or Fairfax City ?

•         Fairfax County

o       County Web Site

o       New Resident Guide

•         Good Neighbor Relations – Zoning Issues

•         History, Maps & Other Information

•         Home Maintenance and Appearance (Click to see more subjects)

o       ACC Approval of Your Exterior Renovation Project – How to Get it

o       Tips for Choosing a Contractor

o       Home Maintenance Checklist

o       Ice Damming

•         Laws, Rules and Regulations That Apply to Hickory Farms Residents

·         Complaint Form for HFCA Violations of Virginia Laws & Regulations

·         ACC Approval of Your Exterior Renovation Project – How to Get it

•         Meeting Minutes (Annual Meetings and Board of Directors Meetings)

•         Neighborhood Watch

•         Newsletters

•         Out and About Hickory Farms

•         Police Reports

o       Fairfax County (Hickory Farms is in the West Springfield Police District)

o       Fairfax City

•         Safety in the Home and Community

•         Selling Your Home

o       If You Plan to Sell Your Home

o       Virginia Property Owners’ Association Act (VPOAA) Disclosure Packet

o       Information for Mortgage Lenders

•         Streets, Sidewalks and Streetlights

•         Utilities & Services

•         Vehicles and Parking

•         Wildlife

•         Yard Maintenance and Appearance

•         Your Responsibilities as a Landlord or Tenant


The Hickory Farms web site was approved by the Board of Directors of the Hickory Farms Community Association November 2004.  It is for the convenience and information of Hickory Farms homeowners and residents only.  While every effort has been made to assure that the information on this web site is accurate, it should not be considered authoritative documentation for the HFCA.  If you have a question about HFCA issues, please contact a member of the Board of Directors.


This page last updated 07/04/2016 – Please e-mail suggestions for improvements to the Webmaster.


The domain is registered to the Hickory Farms Community Association through 2022.


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New Residents


Welcome to Hickory Farms!






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Fairfax County or Fairfax City?


Hickory Farms is located in Fairfax County.  The border between Fairfax County and the City of Fairfax (an independent city located within Fairfax County) runs along the path at the north end of the community (behind homes on Country Squire Lane, Wheatfield Court, and Still Meadow Road).  When asked “Where do you live” by folks unfamiliar with the area, some Hickory Farms residents just respond “Fairfax City,”  which is a lot simpler than saying “I live in Fairfax County – very close to the City of Fairfax.”


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 Mortgage Companies - Information on Foreclosure Notifications & Association Insurance 


Hickory Farms is a community comprised of 198 single family homes built 1975-83.


The community has approximately 17 acres of common areas, consisting of two grassy fields and various wooded areas.


These common areas are undeveloped.  Except for asphalt paths that traverse the common areas, here are no common area improvements - no tennis courts, no swimming pools, and no playgrounds. The Hickory Farms Community Association maintains the grassy areas and takes down trees that are in the danger of damaging private property.


The Hickory Farms Community Association holds the following insurance policies to cover the Common Areas and the Board of Directors:

·         Commercial Liability with Travelers Property Casualty

·         Commercial Crime with Travelers Property Casualty

·         Directors and Officers Liability with Chubb Group of Insurance Companies.


To view the insurance policy cover sheet, click here.  Contact Moody Insurance Worldwide (301-417-0001) for more information.  If you have any further questions about insurance, please contact the Hickory Farms Treasurer, whose email address and telephone number may be found above.


The Hickory Farms Community Association is registered with the Virginia Common Interest Community Board.  The Association's Filing Number is 0550-003417.


Notice of Mortgage Foreclosures - In the event of a deed of trust sale of a lot in Hickory Farms, the mortgage company’s foreclosure trustee must provide the Hickory Farms Community Association with notice of the sale within 60 days after the sale. The notice must include the property address, the owners under the deed of trust, the name and contact information of the notice provider, and the name and address of the new owner.  See § 15.2-979 of the Code of Virginia, as amended by H.B. 1861, approved April 3, 2013.  This information should be provided to the Treasurer, whose email address and telephone number may be found above.


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