Annual Assessments/Dues


The amount of the Annual Assessment (dues) is set each year by the Board of Directors and confirmed by the homeowners at the Annual Meeting.


Notices of the Annual Assessment are included in the November, December, and January newsletters. 


Bills are sent during November to each resident homeowner and each absentee homeowner who has given their contact information to the Board of Directors.


As of 2015, the Annual Assessment for each property is $150.


The deadline for paying the Annual Assessment is January 7.


Checks that are not postmarked or in the physical possession of the Treasurer by January 7 will be considered late and will be assessed a $50 late fee.  Checks that are received late and do not include the late fee will be returned for non-payment.  On February 1, delinquent accounts will be turned over to the Associationís attorneys for collection.  At that point, the amount owed by a delinquent homeowner would be the $150 dues, the $50 late fee, and attorney fees.


Please send your check to HFCA, PO Box 2239, Fairfax, Virginia 22031


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This page updated 08/19/2015