Police/Fire 911 Emergency Telephone Numbers


Adult protective services (Fairfax County) 703-324-7450


Alcohol & drug problems 703-359-7040



Rabid raccoons, skunks, foxes and bats (Fairfax County Police Dept) 703-830-1100

Wildlife Rescue League 703-440-0800

Emergency Veterinarian (Fair Oaks) 703-591-3304


Children & family services

Child abuse/neglect hotline (Fairfax County) 703-324-7400

Virginia family violence hotline 800-838-8238

Domestic violence and sexual assault hotline 703-360-7273

Missing & exploited children tipline (runaways child pornography child prostitution) 800-843-5678


Electricity Outage Dominion Virginia Power 888-667-3000 Electric Outage Map


Fairfax County Information 703-324-4636


Flooding & sewer problems

Roads VDOT 703-383-8368

Sewer & Storm drains (on curb) Fairfax County Department of Public Works 703-934-2800



Inova Fairfax 703-776-4001 Inova Fair Oaks 703-391-3600 Reston 703-689-9000


Gas Leaks Washington Gas 703-750-1400


Noises & barking dogs

8 AM 4:30 PM Zoning Enforcement Branch, Department of Planning and Zoning 703-324-1300

4:40 PM 8 AM Police Department non-emergency 703-691-2131


Poison center National Capital Poison Center 800-222-1222



          Fairfax County (Non Emergency) 703-691-2131 or report the crime online here

Fairfax City (Non Emergency) 703-591-5511


Rape/sexual assault/sexual abuse 703-360-7273 (TTY 703-799-8253)


Road signs

Street Names Fairfax County Department of Public Works 703-934-2840

Stop/Yield/etc. VDOT 703-383-8368


Streetlights (burned out) 1-866-366-4357


Suicide hotline 703-527-4077


Telephone outage Verizon 800-275-2355 (TTY 800-564-0999)


Terrorism (National Response Center) 800-424-8802


Traffic light malfunction VDOT 703-383-8368


Fallen trees

On Fairfax County property Fairfax County Department of Public Works 703-934-2800

On roads & sidewalks VDOT -- 703-383-8368


Victim assistance network hotline 703-360-7273



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