Good Neighbor Relations Zoning Issues


Noise Problems


Department of Planning and Zoning Zoning Enforcement Branch 703-324-1300

  • Zoning & noise complaint form
  • Apartments in a single family home and/or too many unrelated people living in a home
  • Illegal home business
  • Noise complaints during normal business hours (8-4:30); after hours, call the Fairfax County police
  • Junk and debris in yard
  • Illegal signs on private property
  • Commercial vehicles parked in residential areas (on private property)
  • Inoperative vehicles on private property (more than five vehicles)
  • Vehicles parked on front lawn for longer than 48 hours
  • Grass in excess of 12 Inches on residential lots of less than acre


Department of Public Works and Environmental Services Code Enforcement Division 703-324-1937

  • Building permits and inspections
  • Building code violations
  • Air and water quality, gypsy moths, illegal tree removal
  • Stormwater drainage on private property
  • Trash disposal, recycling programs
  • Decks, finished basements
  • Free mulch
  • Woodstoves & fireplaces
  • Yard debris


Virginia Department of Transportation 703-383-8368

  • Illegal Signs along Fairfax County roads


Police Department non-emergency 703-691-2131

  • Inoperative Vehicles on Residential Property (five vehicles or less)
  • Noise Complaints/Barking Dogs (late night/early morning)
  • Commercial Vehicles Parked in Residential Areas (on street)


Department of Housing & Community Development 703-246-5179

  • Abandoned/Blighted Properties


Fairfax County Health Department 703-246-2300

  • Dilapidated, unsafe, or unsanitary properties
  • Improper disposal of household garbage
  • Rats


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Noise Problems


The Fairfax County noise ordinance prohibits excessive noise. To violate the ordinance, the sound must be clearly audible across property lines or through adjacent partitions.


Chapter 108 of the County Code addresses noise violations.  Here are some specific violations and the hours during which they are prohibited:


         Operating loud speakers or amplifiers (exterior of building) 11 PM 7 AM

         Operating construction equipment, operating power model vehicles, or repairing vehicles and equipment (all outdoors) 9 PM 7 AM

         Operating construction equipment on Sundays and federal holidays (outdoors) 9 PM 9 AM

         Truck loading and unloading, including trash trucks (outdoors) 9 PM 6 AM


Televisions, radios, musical instruments, and animals that howl, bark, meow, or squawk frequently and habitually are declared a noise disturbance anytime, when plainly audible across property lines or through partitions.


Report violations to the Zoning Enforcement office at 703-324-1300 between 8 AM 4:30 PM. After hours complaints may be made by calling the Fairfax County Police non-emergency telephone number, 703-691-2131.


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