Virginia Property Owners’ Association Act Disclosure Packet


PLEASE READ THIS If You Plan To Sell Your Home Soon


When you sell your home, you will need to give the purchaser a copy of the Hickory Farms Virginia Property Owners’ Association Act (VPOAA) Disclosure Packet.  This is required by Virginia state law.


If you do not give a copy of this document to the purchaser before closing, they could delay closing or even cancel the sale.


The Disclosure Packet comes in two parts, and both parts must be given to the purchaser.  You or your agent should contact the Treasurer (preferably by email) to arrange for the delivery of the Disclosure Packet.  Please request the Disclosure Packet three weeks prior to closing in order to give the Treasurer time to respond.  Do not request it too early.  Should it take a long time to sell your house, the information could become outdated.  We recommend that you request the Disclosure Packet when you have a signed contract in hand.  You can find the contact information for the Treasurer at our home page


Part 1 contains specific information about your property.  You or your agent may request either a paper copy or electronic version (email is preferred, though), for which there is no charge.  Please note that before Part 1 is sent to you, your property will be inspected by a member of the Board of Directors or Architectural Control Committee to determine compliance with the Hickory Farms Rules and Regulations  and Restrictive Covenants (See Article VII).  If not, the letter will alert the purchaser that you, the seller, need to bring the property into compliance before closing.  If you do not do so, the purchaser could delay or even cancel the sale. The Board or ACC member may arrive unannounced and knock on your door to see if anyone is home before inspecting the property.  If someone is home, the Board or ACC member will introduce themselves; if no one is at home, they will do a quick walk around the property.  If you do not want the Board or ACC member to enter your back yard unattended (if, say, you have a dog), you must tell the Treasurer to arrange a meeting time.  Do this when you make your request to the Treasurer for your Disclosure Packet.


Part 2 contains general information applicable to all homes in Hickory Farms.  This 45+ page document is available for free download by clicking this link.  If you want a printed copy mailed to you, personally deliver a $10 check (made out to HFCA) to the Treasurer.  Please allow ten business days from when the check is received by the Treasurer to the date Part 1 can be released, as we must allow time for your check to clear.