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The Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) owns the sidewalks, the curbs, and the grassy areas in between.  VDOT relies on residents to keep the sidewalks free of mud, snow, bushes, and low-hanging tree branches, and to maintain the grassy area between the street and sidewalk.


If a neighbor has shrubbery or branches that obstruct the sidewalk for more than a reasonable period of time and the homeowner doesn’t respond to informal entreaties, call VDOT at 703-383-8368.  They will send someone out to notify the resident of the problem.  If nothing happens in ten days, VDOT will either send the resident a certified letter or leave a flyer in the door.  If the resident continues to ignore the problem, VDOT will take more drastic measures.


If you see a broken sidewalk, call VDOT at 703-383-8368. VDOT will inspect the problem and fix it, if necessary (However, our experience is that this could take a l-o-o-o-ong time).  Sidewalks often are broken by roots from trees planted on VDOT property between the sidewalk and the curb.  Repairing the sidewalk will require cutting the tree roots, which will damage the tree.  VDOT will offer to remove the tree, or leave it and let the resident assume the risk of the tree dying and falling on their property.


VDOT discourages residents planting trees on the grassy area between the sidewalk and the curb.  Hardwood trees are not allowed because they damage sidewalks and underground utilities.  If you want to plant an ornamental tree on VDOT property, you need a permit.  You will then be required to maintain the tree. (Kirk Randall October 2004)


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Snow Removal from Streets, Driveways, and Sidewalks

The Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) has 7,000 miles of road to clear in Fairfax County, and 900 workers and many fewer pieces of equipment to clear the roads. 


VDOT's goal is to clear roads within 24 hours after snow stops falling.  Interstates and major primary roads are cleared first.  Secondary roads with high volume also receive early attention.  After the snow crew has cleared the highly traveled roads and emergency routes, they begin working on less-traveled routes.  Note to cul-de-sacs residents – cul-de-sacs have the lowest priority.


To give yourself a better chance at getting your street plowed, when it snows, park your cars in driveways, not in the street.  As far as shoveling your driveway goes, we all know that as soon as you’re done, the plow will come.  Bearing that in mind, shovel your snow to the right (when facing the road), so the plow won’t push your own snow back in your driveway.  One more item. VDOT wants us to remind everyone – YOU are responsible for shoveling the sidewalk in front of your house and keeping it clear.


If you have questions about road conditions, call 703-383-VDOT.


If you have a medical emergency, call 911 even if the roads haven’t been plowed.  VDOT will work with emergency people to get to you. (Pete Scala 1996 & Kirk Randall October 2004)


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