HFCA Board Meeting

Tuesday, 12/6/2016 - 7:30 pm

4301 Still Meadow Road



Board Members:

-   Bruce Bernhardt – President

-   Chuck Stewart – Vice President

-   Kirk Randall – At Large Member

-   Debbi Buchanan – At Large Member

-   Don Seymour – At Large Member


1. Open/Introductions: Bruce B. opened the meeting at 7:38 pm and noted there was a quorum of 5 of the 8 Board Members present.  Bruce introduced two new Board Members – Debbe B. and Don S.


2. Secretary:  The Board reviewed minutes of prior HF Board Meeting, 10/5/2016.  There was one revision.  The revised Minutes were approved as revised.


3. Annual Meeting Recap: The Annual Meeting held on 10/18/2016 marked the second year in a row that sufficient homeowners attended and/or sent proxy statements to achieve a quorum.  There was significant discussion and the following activities resulted:

- Volunteer group was formed to solicit Deed and Declaration (D&D) change(s).  Bruce obtained Opinion Letter from our attorney and draft language. He will send out copies to all Board Members via email.  

- Volunteer group to conduct property inspections. Dante G. volunteered to lead the team.

- Board was directed to try a one year Pilot to use Property Inspection contractor.  Brian R. is developing a draft Statement of Work (SOW) which should be ready for Board review in January. 

- Proxy format for Annual Meeting was expanded to include three proxy options: (1) quorum count only, (2) directed proxy, and (3) un-directed proxy.


4. 2017 Board, Officer and Lead Volunteer Position Assignments:

- Board Member Positions:

  - 8 Board Members were elected at Annual Meeting:  Bruce B., Chuck S.,

    Don S., Don L., Brian R., John K., Debbie B., Kirk R.

  - Bruce made a motion to appoint Dante G. as a Director At Large, to serve

    until the next Annual Meeting.  Motion was seconded and unanimously

    approved.  Total number of Board of Director Members now number 9.

- Officers:

  - Brice B. will continue as President.  He indicated this is the

    fourth year as President and believes he will not seek an additional term

    as President beyond 2017.

  - Chuck S. will continue as Vice President.

  - Brenda B. will continue as Treasurer.

  - There were no volunteers for Secretary. [On 10/10/2016, Melissa Stark

    volunteered to serve as Secretary!  Position is now filled!] 

- Coordinators and Leads:

  - Don L. will continue as Common Grounds and Paths Coordinator

  - Debbie B. volunteered to serve as Neighborhood Watch Coordinator

  - Don S. volunteered to serve as Newsletter Editor

  - Brian R. will continue as Architecture Control Committee (ACC) Chair

  - Pete S. will continue as Yard Sale Coordinator

  - Kendra S. will continue as Social Committee Chair

  - Dante G. will serve as Volunteer Property Inspection Team Lead

  - Brian R. will serve as Contractor Property Inspection SOW Lead

  - The Declaration Change Signature Committee will select a Lead in

    early 2017.


5. Standing Reports/Issues:

Secretary: no report.

Treasurer: Brenda D. provided the following:

   - 2016 Budget/Actual Report.  Board reviewed report and accepted current

     2016 Actuals to Budget amounts.  There were no outstanding questions.

   - 2017 Budget Estimate. No changes to amounts provided at Annual Meeting.

Paths & Grounds: no report.

ACC: Brian R. discussed the following:

   -  Notice of Violation Letter Summary:  18 letters sent, 6 of 18 (33%)

      have fully corrected issues.  4 of 18 (22%) have partially completed

      corrections.  8 of 18 (44%) have not made noticeable attempts to

      correct identified issues.   

   -  Round Top and Spinning Wheel properties are actively correcting

      identified violations.  Continued progress is expected.

- Neighborhood Watch: Board expressed concern with the reduced number of

  volunteers, open dates on the schedule and single person teams instead

  of two person teams.  As new NW Coordinator, Debbie B. will engage in

  recruiting effort.  If NW volunteer counts cannot be increased, Board

  may need to discuss ending Neighborhood Watch activities.

- At-Large Members: no additional issues.

- Vice President: no additional issues.


6 Individual Property Issues / Complaints:

- 4282 Country Squire: open. Noise, grass, trash complaints. George Mason University has provided interaction with students living at 4282.  Latest issue of trash piling up on the street and alongside the house was communicated to property owner by Board Member and President.  Board will continued focus on this property to comply with HF covenants and Rules & Regulations.  

- 4351 Harvester Farm: closed. Contact information – property owners contact information has been confirmed.

- 4357 Farm House: open. Foreclosure property, 2017 Assessment Invoice, and Violation Corrections - invoice sent, letter received stating violations will be corrected in the next month 

- 10014 Cotton Farm: closed Pressure Wash completed.

- 4313 Farm House: open. Pergola may be extending onto Common Ground. Will

  contact homeowner and discuss.

- 10035 Wheatfield Court: closed. Fire damage from July fire being repaired.


7. Community Issues/Complaints:

- Property Inspection Contractor Statement of Work (SOW) – Brian R. indicated

  the first draft is targeted for Board review in January.

- Deed & Declaration Change Committee – Bruce received Opinion Letter from

  Attorney and proposed language for Declaration change.  In January, Bruce

  will schedule a meeting with volunteers to develop schedule for obtaining

  required 75% signatures.

- County Leaf Collection/Trash Collection Proposal – more information is

  required to fully address this issue.  +50% signatures are required for HF

  to obtain Fairfax County trash or leaf collection.  Charges would be

  included on bi-annual real estate tax statements. Price comparison is

  needed with current two trash commercial providers. Bryan C. will be asked

  to provide additional input. Fairfax County approves adding neighborhoods

  to trash or leaf collection only twice per year.


- Property Encroachment on Northern Path:  two of our Fairfax City neighbors have made minor alternations to the Hickory Farms owned property on the north side of the Northern Path.  Bruce B. is contacting both property owners to alert them to the incursion onto Hickory Farms common property.  It is the policy of Hickory Farms to protect Common Ground property lines, both from inside and outside the community encroachments.


- Water Runoff on Northern Path:  Bruce B. and Chuck S. will contact Fairfax City and Fairfax County engineers to consider options for dealing with the water run off that is occurring along our Northern Path and impacting individual properties in Hickory Farms.


8. New Business / Open Discussion: no additional issues were discussed.


9. Meeting Adjourned.


Respectfully submitted.


Bruce Bernhardt , President




Hickory Farms Community Association (HFCA)

2016 Annual Meeting, Green Acres Community Center

October 18, 2016; 8:00 pm – 10:00 pm 

Members of the Board Present

Bruce Bernhardt, President

Chuck Stewart, Vice President

Dante Gilmer, Member at Large

Don Lobeda, Common Areas

Vanessa Franck, Neighborhood Watch

Kirk Randall, Member at Large

Brian Roethlisberger, Architectural Control Committee (ACC) Chairperson

Ed Wagner, Secretary

Opening, Welcome and Introductions

·         Bruce Bernhardt welcomed the Members to the Annual Meeting and thanked them for attending.

·         He introduced the members of the Board of Directors.

Quorum Verification

·         Forty two (42) Members of the Hickory Farms Community Association (HFCA) were present, with eighteen (18) Members represented via proxy.

·         This provided a total of 60 Members represented, which provided the quorum required for the meeting.

Board Member and Officer Reports

·         Secretary:

o   Bruce asked the Members if they had any adjustments, clarifications, or other comments about the minutes from last year’s Annual Meeting; none were offered.

o   A motion to approve the 2015 Annual Meeting minutes was made, seconded and approved.

o   Subsequent Newsletter articles will include Standing Reports for 2016 when new Position volunteers are identified.

·         Budget: 

o   2016 Budget/Actual Expenses

§  Bruce noted that our year-to-date expenses are slightly lower than anticipated, with an expectation that expenses would be on track by the end of the year.

§  He noted that the HFCA strives to maintain a reserve fund equal to one year of annual assessments, which has not yet been achieved.

o   2017 Budget

§  Bruce reviewed the budget for 2017 that had been earlier approved by the Board.

§  Members in attendance raised no questions about the 2017.

§  The Members affirmed the budget.

·         Newsletter:

o   Newsletter advertising generally produces sufficient income to cover printing expenses; it is therefore an important source of income.

o   We need a replacement newsletter editor given Kirk’s resignation in October after nearly a decade of service.


·         Architectural Control Committee:

o   Given recent resignations from the ACC, we need additional volunteers to review applications.


·         Neighborhood Watch:

o   We need volunteers to conduct the watches, which occur on Friday and Saturday evenings.

o   We also need a coordinator to replace Vanessa, who is stepping down from the Board.

o   If a member from every household in Hickory Farms volunteers for Neighborhood Watch, they would only have to conduct the watch once a year.  

o   Lack of volunteers is resulting in open dates along with existing volunteers having more frequent assignments.

Rules and Regulations

o   Bruce provided an overview of the documents that govern the HFCA for purposes of facilitating a discussion on options to address compliance issues.

o   HFCA operates based on a series of documents as outlined below.

§  Articles of Incorporation

§  Deed of Dedication, Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (Declaration)

§  By-Laws

§  Rules and Regulations

o   The Virginia Property Owners’ Association Act (VPOAA) establishes legal requirements related to the authority of homeowner associations (HOAs).  The VPOAA, as interpreted by District and Virginia Supreme Court decisions, establishes a requirement that the HOA’s authority to act must be based on express language found in the legal documents that founded each HOA, specifically the Declaration.

§  The District Court states that a HOA’s ability to levy fines is limited to cases where the founding documents “expressly” authorize the imposition of such fines.

§  The Supreme Court affirmed that the HOA’s authority is limited to what is defined in the founding documents.

o   Based on Bruce’s review of the HFCA’s founding documents, it does not appear that they include “express” language that would authorize the use of monetary fines to address noncompliance with the Declaration and the Rules and Regulations.  HFCA’s lawyers recently reaffirmed this interpretation.

o   A Member raised a question about whether some language in the Dedication might be sufficient to authorize such fines.  Given the general language, it’s not clear that this would meet the level of specificity indicated by the legal requirement for “expressly” defined authorization.  The president agreed to obtain an Opinion Letter from HFCA’s lawyers to reaffirm that they agree that the founding documents are mute on specific language that authorizes the HFCA to implement fines to resolve compliance issues.

o   Based on the current assessment that the legal requirements and associated constraints established by the VPOAA and subsequent court rulings, HFCA appears to have three options, which are:

1.       Amend the Declaration, which would require written approval by 75% of the 198 Members (150 votes to amend).

2.       Remove language authorizing monetary fines from the Rules and Regulations, since HFCA’s founding documents, if left unchanged, provide no basis or authority for imposing them.

3.       File civil lawsuits against Members to enforce compliance with the Declaration and Rules and Regulation.  Implementing this option would mean that HFCA would have initial responsibility for the costs of litigation which would be recouped from the Member only if the HFCA prevails.  Bruce noted that any Member may also initiate a lawsuit.

o   The HFCA Board recommends pursuing Options 1 and 2, with Option 2 as a contingency if Option 1 is unsuccessful.

o   An extensive discussion about various issues throughout the community has held.  Concerns included lack of appropriate yard care (including edging of sidewalks and curbs), worn or broken shutters, mold on the side of homes, sidewalks requiring repair, etc.   A walkthrough by some members of the Board and Architectural Control Committee conducted over the past year identified 85 homes (out of 198) that had some type of violation, with most considered minor.  The Board has issued letters to two Members identifying major issues in an effort to bring their properties into compliance.

o   After a discussion during which Members raised questions and key points, a motion to pursue Option 1 was made, seconded and approved.  Pursuit of Option 1 would include the following steps.

§  Have the HFCA’s lawyer draft appropriate language to update the Declaration as necessary to provide the authorization to levy fines as necessary to resolve compliance issues.

§  Establish a committee to develop a plan for obtaining the signatures of the 150 Members needed to approve the change.  This committee will develop a --

·         Communication approach to explain the purpose and benefits of changing the language in the Declaration to gain Members’ cooperation; and

·         A plan outlining an organized effort to personally contact Members to obtain their signature indicating approval of the amendment(s).

§  The objective would be to have this plan implemented within six (6) months of the Annual Meeting (April 18, 2017) so that the results are available in time for the Annual Meeting in October 2017.  If Option 1 is not successful by that date the Board would then proceed with Option 2 to so that the Rules and Regulations are consistent with recent Court decisions.

§  Bruce asked for volunteers to work on this committee to sign up following the meeting.

§  In parallel with Option 1, the Board will form a sub-committee to recommend changes to the HFCA Rules and Regulations to remove the violations charging text.  If Option 1 fails to move forward in the next six months, the Board will move forward with Option 2.

External Inspection

·         Bruce reviewed the feedback (through the HFCA’s email Listserv and delivered to ACC Chairperson Brian) received on a Board proposal to contract with an external firm to conduct house-by-house reviews for compliance with the Declaration and Rules and Regulations.   Initial feedback to the proposal as described in recent Newsletters and online by Brian was mixed, although the majority of respondents opposed the idea.

·         The discussion at the Annual Meeting identified some misunderstandings about the proposal.  Specifically, the Board clarified that the responsibility for addressing violations identified by the outside contractor would remain with the Board.  The intent of using a company to do the reviews was suggested in recognition of the amount of time required and the challenges with getting volunteers to do this type of community walkthrough on a timely basis.  Using an external firm might provide a more objective and unbiased approach for property reviews.

·         After an extensive discussion, the Members voted to :

o   Conduct of a pilot using a commercial firm during the next year to inspect individual homes against the specific requirements against the Restrictive Covenants; and

o   Notification of individual homeowners by the Board about any compliance issues identified through the property inspections.

·         The pilot will be used to determine whether to continue with the use of an external firm, including the frequency for conducting inspections.

·         The Board also agreed to provide more information about compliance issues in upcoming Newsletters, including a checklist of typical home maintenance responsibilities that are linked directly to the specific items in the Restrictive Covenants.  The intent of this checklist is to provide Members with information so that they can proactively address issues.


·         A motion was made, seconded and approved to elect the following Members to the Board.

o   Bruce Bernhardt

o   Chuck Stewart

o   Don Lobeda

o   Kirk Randall

o   Brian Roethlisberger

o   Debbi Buchanan

o   John Kitzmiller

Volunteer Recognition

Bruce thanked the members of the community who have volunteered over the past year.  Note was made of the HFCA Board members retiring and resigning this year.  Also noted were new volunteers stepping forward to serve our community.  A few key volunteer positions remain vacant, including Newsletter Editor, ACC members, and Neighborhood Watch Coordinator.  A call for more volunteers will be included in coming Newsletter and List Serve articles.  Every homeowner is encouraged to volunteer in some capacity.


The meeting was adjourned at 10:00 pm.



HFCA Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

10/5/2016 - 7:45 pm - 4301 Still Meadow Road



Board Members:

- Bruce Bernhardt, President

- Chuck Stewart, Vice President

- Brian Roethlisberger, Architectural Control Committee Chairperson

- Don Lobeda, Community Grounds, Paths, and Woods

- Dante Gilmer, Member at Large

- Kirk Randall, Member at Large

Officers and Volunteer Leads:

- Bryan Crabtree, Webmaster


1. Bruce B. opened the meeting and noted 6 Board Members in attendance which is a valid quorum.


2. The HFCA Board of Directors Meeting Minutes from 9/14/2016 were approved, as revised and posted on the HFCA Website by Ed W. - Secretary.


3. Old Business:

-  Violation Charging - Deed and Declaration Document and Rules and Regulations Document Changes: Bruce B. presented a PowerPoint presentation detailing the lack of explicit violations charging language in the HFCA Deed and Declaration and Rules and Regulations documents.  Recent Virginia court decisions now require an expressed grant of violations charging in order to assess charges for not complying with restrictive covenants.  Discussions and emails from our attorney also indicate express language is required.  Following a lengthy discussion, the Board decided to include the PowerPoint presentation on the agenda for the Annual Meeting to inform the General Membership of the issue and seek a sense of the community regarding next steps.  The presentation provided three options regarding this issue.  The Board recommended option A - seek volunteers to draft changes to the Deed and Declaration document and obtain 75% homeowner signatures to document the change.  The Board will also begin work on option B - modify the HFCA Rules and Regulations to align with recent court decisions, to be prepared if option A is not successful.   The Board identified option C (attempt violations charging without expressed authority in Declaration) as high risk and should be avoided.


- The PowerPoint presentation content included:

1. Current HFCA Rules & Regulations (highlighted) content

2. Current HFCA Deed and Declaration (highlighted) content

3. VPOAA specific Section references

4. VA Court Rulings (2) content

5. Board Recommendations - options A, B and C


- The HFCA Property Inspection process was detailed and discussed:

Step 1 - Identification and documentation - all 198 individual properties are

inspected for compliance with Restrictive Covenants.  The property inspections take place from sidewalk and public access views. 

Step 2 - Violations are classified, severity assessed, next steps decided. 

Unresponsive property owners receive Notice Letters and Hearing Notices.

Step 3 - If Property owner does not respond to correct violations, legal action seeking compliance with Restrictive Covenants will be initiated.  HFCA costs of legal action will be sought from property owner. 


- A Proposal for Property Inspection Assistance, using an outside contractor was discussed.  The Board agreed to seek a sense of the community at the Annual Meeting before engaging an outside contractor to assist with Step 1 of the process.  The outside contractor would only complete Step 1 of the property inspection process - inspect properties, document potential violations and report back to HFCA.  HFCA Architecture Control Committee (ACC) and HFCA Board will retain responsibility for Steps 2 and 3.  Initial results from HFCA List Serve comments indicate a majority of homeowners did not want to engage an outside contractor.  Some reasons given were cost, giving up control of the process and some provided no explanation.  Initial List Serve comments summary was included in PowerPoint presentation for review with General Membership at the Annual Meeting.  


-  Common Property Infringement Actions:  Two properties along our northern

border with Fairfax City have made changes to the Northern Path without the

permission of Hickory Farms.  The Board discussed the infringements and

delegated Bruce B. to contact the Fairfax City neighbors, alert them to the

infringement on Hickory Farms private property and seek a mutually agreeable

resolution.  It is the policy of Hickory Farms Community Association to not

allow infringement of common area property.


-  Complaints regarding Country Squire Rental:   Multiple complaints have been received from neighbors of 4282 Country Squire since September 2016 regarding uncut grass, trash on the property, trash cans left at the curb, noise violations and guests of the property renters sitting on the roof of the property during evening gatherings at the property.  Efforts were made to

contact the student renters but no one would answer the front door.  Contacts

were made with Fairfax County Police, George Manson University (GUM) Student

Life Leadership and GMU Police Department.  Contact has also been made with

property owner/landlord, who happens to live less than a mile from the property in Fairfax City. Neighbors were encouraged to report noisy parties to both Fairfax Police and GMU Police to establish a record of behavior over time. 


4. New Business:

- Treasurer Brenda D. provided current spreadsheet of 2016 Budget and Actuals

for Board Review.  There were no questions.

- Treasurer also provided a 2017 Proposed Budget which the Board discussed,

revised and approved.  2017 Approved Budget will be presented at the Annual

Meeting for affirmation.  The 2017 Annual Assessment charge will remain at

$150.00 for the entire year.  No increase is needed this year.


- HFCA Website Software Purchase:  Bryan C. provided a list of software

applications that would improve our HFCA website presentation and content

arrangement.  A Board Member with Web Administrator contacts reviewed the list and reported back that the software applications were legitimate and reasonable.  A motion was made to have Bryan C. spend up to $600.00 on the recommended software.  The motion was seconded and unanimously approved.


- Annual Meeting Planning:

= Location is set for Green Acres Community Center - reservation submitted

and approved by Fairfax County.

= Proxy Format was reviewed and revised to include directed and un-directed


= Newsletter inputs - Kirk R. provided input deadlines for Newsletter

publication schedule

= Agenda for the meeting was discussed and decided:

       1. Opening / Introductions

       2. Old Business:

           - Secretary:  approve minutes from 2015 Annual Meeting

           - Standing Reports - online/Newsletter

           - Violations Charging and Rules & Regulations Changes

           - 2016 Budget to Actual Report

       3. New Business:

           - 2017 Proposed Budget: review and affirmation

           - Property Inspections Process & Current Status

           - Proposal for Property Inspection Assistance

             = Sense of HF community on Property Inspection Proposal

        4. 2017 Board of Directors Election

            - Nominating Committee Report

            - Election voting, tally and results

            - Announce 2017 elected Directors

         5. Volunteer Recognition

         6. Adjourn


5. Meeting adjourned at 10:00 pm.


Respectfully submitted,

Bruce Bernhardt




Hickory Farms Community Association (HFCA) Board of Directors Meeting

September 14, 2016, 7:48 – 9:45 pm


The attendees at this meeting of HFCA Board are documented immediately below.

Bruce Bernhardt, President

Chuck Stewart, Vice President

Brian Roethlisberger, Architectural Control Committee Chairperson

Don Lobeda, Community Grounds, Paths, and Woods

Brenda Denny, Treasurer

Dante Gilmer, Member at Large

Kirk Randall, Member at Large

Bryan Crabtree, Webmaster

Ed Wagner, Secretary


Old Business:

·         Secretary:  A motion to approve the minutes from the previous board meeting was made, seconded and passed.

·         Appointment of new officer:  A motion to appoint Brian Crabtree, the HFCA web master as an Officer of the board was made, seconded and passed.

·         Insurance

o   Chuck is working on obtaining additional information.

o   Currently, the HFCA’s insurance does not provide coverage for any type of breach of information.

o   Chuck will provide a summary of the options, costs, risks and benefits at the next meeting.

·         Newsletter

o   Kirk is resigning as the editor of the HFCA newsletter effective following the October 2016 edition.

o   No one has yet volunteered to take on this role.

o   The newsletter provides a key venue for communicating information to the community, in addition to providing some additional revenue through advertisements.  Kirk noted that there is a significant balance in pre-paid advertising that may need to be refunded if the Newsletter ceases publication.

·         Community Grounds, Paths, and Woods

o   Mowing services continue to meet requirements; contractor returned promptly to mow a couple of areas that had been missed.

o   Considering some additional clean up during the fall.

§  Need to clear encroachment of woods and undergrowth from the path on the lower common grounds; plan to cut back on a wider path to fix the problem.

§  Plan to get a cost estimate to clear out some of the thicket.

o   HFCA Property Encroachment – have identified two instances of improper use of community property.

§  Homeowner from an adjacent community has planted bushes on HFCA property.

§  Another homeowner is storing his boat on HFCA property.

§  A motion to have the HFCA president follow up with our lawyer to obtain guidance on a letter that will be sent to the homeowners involved was made, seconded and passed. 

·         Garden Club

o   The club has finished work on the landscaping for three of the four corners at the entrances to Hickory Farms.

o   Still need to pressure wash the sign at the Burke Station entrance.

o   Plan some additional planting for the fall.

·         Architectural Control Committee (ACC)

o   Carole Rogers has resigned from the committee after nearly eight years of service; Brian is working on identifying a volunteer to replace her.

o   Properties not in compliance with HFCA covenants and regulations

§  The ACC chair and president attempted to hand deliver letters to the owners of two properties whose homes have significant compliance issues.

§  A certified letter was sent to the property owner who was not home at the time of their visit.

§  Results:

·         One owner has initiated clean up work, although at the time of the meeting, not all of the issues had been resolved.

·         As of the date of the meeting, no response had been received from the second homeowner; ACC Chair drafting a follow up letter.

·         The board is working to determine best available options if homeowners do not respond to requests to bring their properties into compliance.

o   Option for using outside firm to conduct survey homes for compliance issues

§  Consideration of this option was mentioned in the September newsletter.

§  The board recognizes that this approach has both risks and benefits.

§  The board agreed that the next step is to define the scope and process for conducting these types of reviews, recognizing that the outside firm would be limited to identifying issues, while the Board and ACC would have responsibility for determining the appropriate follow up actions.

§  Bruce and Brian will draft a process and presentation, which the board will review with the community members at the next annual meeting.

·         Nominating Committee

o   No new volunteers have been identified.

o   The Secretary notified the Board that he will not continue as a member in 2017.

New Business:

·         Solar Panels

o   Virginia law prohibits homeowner associations from preventing the installation of solar panels; however the associations can restrict the appearance and location of the equipment.

o   Brian and Kirk have drafted some proposed additions to the HFCA Rules and Regulations, which will be distributed to the board for review

·         Website – The board approved Bryan’s request to reach out to the community to obtain input on how the website is used and recommendations for improvements

·         College Students

o   The board discussed the issues that have arisen with a different home that has been rented to George Mason students, including trash strewn about the property, rowdiness, etc.

o   The board is sending a letter to the property owner outlining these issues and expectations for their resolution

·         Treasurer

o   Provided the board with a proposed budget for 2017, which the board will review and discuss at the next meeting

o   A motion to move the capital fund into a savings account was made, seconded and passed.

·         Annual Meeting Raffle – the board has decided that it will not conduct a raffle at this year’s annual meeting

·         October Newsletter – articles for inclusion in this newsletter should be sent to Kirk by October 3, 2016.

Next meeting

The next Board meeting is October 5, 2016.




Hickory Farms Community Association (HFCA) Board Meeting

July 12, 2016, 7:55 – 9:36 pm


The attendees at this meeting of the HFCA Board are documented immediately below.

Bruce Bernhardt, President

Chuck Stewart, Vice President

Vanessa Franck, Neighborhood Watch

Brian Roethlisberger. Architectural Control Committee Chairperson

Brenda Denny, Treasurer

Ed Wagner, Secretary


Old Business:

·         Secretary:  A motion to approve the minutes from the previous board meeting was made, seconded and passed.

·         Meeting with lawyer

o   Previous board instructed lawyer to only use liens on properties for non-payment of annual fees

o   Board must pay attorney up front; will be reimbursed if and when home owner pays fees necessary to have the lien removed.

o   Bruce will send an email with a summary of the discussion with the lawyer to the board; will include a description of a potential change to add use of personal liens, which unlike property liens would NOT expire after three years.

·         Insurance

o   Current agent for HFCA is located in Maryland, however efforts to engage other local agents local in Virginia were not successful.  Agents appear to be unwilling to transfer our Travelers insurance to their agency, which may require that we consider other insurance companies that are willing to take on a non-profit association.

o   The board discussed options for changing insurance coverage and associated costs, including considering:

§  Purchasing insurance that protects us from electronic crime issues by adding coverage for cyber-crime, which could involve theft of funds; and

§  Increasing the amount of coverage to ensure that association’s total financial assets are covered.

o   Chuck will email the board the various options for review for a future vote.

o   Board Member Attendance

§  The board has tried different nights and time to optimize members’ attendance but has experienced some difficulties in optimizing participation due to a variety of work-related and other issues.

§  Bruce will follow up with board members in an effort to determine whether we can identify a day, week, and time that works for the largest number of members.

·         Newsletter -- With Kirk’s resignation after many years, an opportunity exists for a new volunteer to undertake the leadership for the community newsletter.


·         Garden Club

o   Last meeting board authorized $1 thousand; only spent $530

o   Able to cut back bushes on Burke Station Road; can now see sign

o   Fixed the original fence, planted perennials

o   About 10% of plants are annuals to add color

o   After the summer; will power wash the Burke Station Road entrance sign

o   Have before and after pictures for the newsletter

·         Board Action Items: 

o   Approved contract to clear out overgrowth on northern path; the contractor did a good job with the cleanup.

o   All the association’s certificates of deposit have been moved to SunTrust, the bank now being used for the association; the board moved to SunTrust to eliminate the penalties assessed by the previous bank for exceeding the number of monthly transactions necessary to deposit annual fees.

o   Country Squire Lane property that had been occupied by George Mason students

§  Bruce spoke with the property owner about the issues and future plans; had a good discussion on what was needed to fit into the community.

§  The owner indicated that he is

·         Making improvements to the property to repair damage from the students

·         Pursuing renting to a family;

·         Plans to move back into the residence in 2017. 

§  Once the owner has rented the property, members of the board may need to meet with the renters to discuss how to fit into the neighborhood.

o   Neighborhood Walkthrough Results:

§  Board plans to issue letters to the homeowners of two properties that have significant maintenance issues that are in violation of the requirements of the covenants.

·         Dante and Chuck or Bruce visit the homeowners to make a personal appeal about the maintenance needed; and

·         Will both mail and hand deliver the letter by hand that documents that specific maintenance issues that need to be addressed to bring the property into compliance.

§  The board agreed that it needs to get a sense of our community about the enforcement of standards in maintaining properties, which is important for preserving property values. 

·         This will help the board determine the appropriate actions for different maintenance issues.

·         This discussion will include whether the association should use our lawyers for purposes of getting the necessary improvements made, including the associated incurrence of associated legal fees.

·         Include an article in the newsletter about the plan to discuss this topic, including the input that we need from the community.

§  Sometime in the future, the board will discuss the use of a professional service to conduct this type of review of properties for maintenance issues do this for the future.

New Business:

·         Nominating Committee

o   As required by our founding documents, the nominating committee must be formed to identify community members interested in being considered for the board.

o   Chuck will chair this committee.

·         Elections

o   This year, members of the community will be elected as board members with each individual’s specific position to be determined at the first board meeting following the annual meeting.

o   Plan to include this information in an upcoming newsletter about the elections so that community members understand what is involved if they are interested in running for the board.

·         Upcoming Events – Vanessa will work on pulling together information about the annual meeting for dissemination to the community via the distribution list and possibly as verbiage on the homepage.

·         Treasurer

o   Annual spending is within the planned budget.

o   The board plans to discuss capital improvements at the next meeting; may use some of the funds from the Certificates of Deposit to cover the cost of this work.

o   The board plans to move the Certificate of Deposit funds into a savings account at SunTrust.

·         Neighborhood Watch – Vanessa has obtained the new signs, which are now in use for the watch.

·         Architecture – had about 6 applications for approval; none of the applications were for major changes or updates.

·         Capital Improvements

o   The board agreed to form a committee to determine what improvements should be made to the northern path.

o   For the short-term, repairs may be handled through patches.

Next meeting

The next Board meeting is in September with time and date to be determined.


Hickory Farms Community Association (HFCA) Board Meeting

May 17, 2016, 7:52 – 9:23 pm

The attendees at this meeting of HFCA Board are documented immediately below.

Bruce Bernhardt, President

Chuck Stewart, Vice President

Don Lobeda, Community Grounds, Paths, and Woods                                                 

Vanessa Franck, Neighborhood Watch

Brenda Denny, Treasurer

Ed Wagner, Secretary 

Old Business:

·         Secretary:  A motion to approve the minutes from the previous board meeting was made, seconded, and passed.

·         Board Action Items: 

·         A motion to approve the Greenleaf Contract was made, seconded, and passed.

o   Country Squire Lane occupied by students - complaints:

§  Bruce spoke with the property owner, who indicated that the students are moving out.

§  Owner also indicated that he –

·         Had previously tried to rent to a family, but unfortunately they backed out.

·         Was willing to put language in the lease about reasonable actions given neighbors’ concerns; Bruce agreed to develop some language, which needs to be specific and actionable.

§  The discussion identified the possibility of adding a paragraph about Hickory Farms and that moving into a residence establishes an agreement to adhere to the standards of the community.

§  Bruce agreed to send an email to the entire board to obtain ideas on any verbiage.

§  The board will have HFCA’s attorney review any language developed.

o   Neighborhood Walkthrough Results:

§  Vanessa will draft the letters based on adhering to covenants and required actions, which the board will review.

§  Chuck mentioned a form letter that was used by the Architectural Control Committee.

§  The plan involves development of two versions of a letter, which vary based on the significance of the issues identified during the walk through.

§  The letters may include photos as an attachment in an effort to ensure clarity about the specific issue.

o   Spinning Wheel Court Property

§  The property is looking better as a result of volunteer work, but some work may still be needed.

§  Bruce plans to talk with the resident about whether the house is being sold before he asks for any more volunteer hours.

o   Attorney Issues: Bruce and Dante plan to meet with the attorney to review the following items –

§  Request information on how to handle past-due annual dues and associated fee collections, including the fee structure and process steps.

§  Review of By-Law wording changes.

§  Annual Meeting Dues Lottery.

o   Cloud Processing Storage Options

§  The board continued its discussion about options for ensuring storage and access to community association documents.

§  The board agreed that if it adopted a cloud solution for electronic storage, it would exclude storage of personally identifiable information (PII).

·         External storage would be limited to information that the board is required to retain, such as financial information, board actions, etc.

·         Plan to obtain more information on the definition of PII to avoid any disclosure issues.

§  The board discussed some other related items, such as the potential need to encrypt emails to home owners, the possibility of needing cyber insurance given use of the Internet for conducting the community’s business.

o   Sign Vandalism

§  Don obtained two estimates for removing the green paint on Hickory Farms’ sign at the Burke Station Road entrance.

§  The provider of the lower estimate then changed his approach from a firm price to a cost approach (i.e., hourly rate)

§  Given the cost risk associated with hourly rate approach, Don plans to obtain additional estimates.

o   Speeding within Hickory Farms

§  The board has requested that Fairfax County set up their speed measurement equipment in the community; Supervisor Cook’s office has stated that Hickory Farms in on “the list.”  Note that there is only one device to serve the entire West Springfield police district.

§  The board plans to discuss traffic calming options, such as speed bumps, at the next annual meeting.

o   Congregate Living Facility – The request to establish this type of facility in Fairfax County was withdrawn by the applicant, so the Board’s concerns that similar facilities could be placed in Hickory Farms is moot..

o   Boy Scout Project – given our inability to resolve insurance questions, the project to repair the walking bridges has been dropped for now.

New Business:

·         Treasurer:

o   Capital Funds Plans

§  The board discussed some suggestions on updating the treasurer’s record keeping related to the community’s Capital Funds; Bruce will work with Brenda on the details.

§  The board plans to retain the funds from the certificates of deposit that recently expired in the checking account until we have defined needed near-term capital improvements.

o   Community has three homeowners whose annual fees have not been paid.

§  Two of these three were the result of bounced checks, which cost HFCA $20 per check.

§  Since these checks bounced, these two homeowners did not meet the deadline; therefore they owe $50 late fee and $20 bounce check fee in addition to the $150 annual fee.

o   A motion to accept the treasurer’s report was made, seconded, and approved.

·         Common Grounds, Woods and Paths:

o   Mowing

§  Don has received a couple of complaints about the mowing in the lower common area.

§  He has contacted the lawn service to address the concerns.

o   Tree Removal – Removed one tree so far this year; no additional ones identified at this point in time

o   Briar Patch

§  Don is working on obtaining volunteers to clear some of the briar patch.

§  A motion was made, seconded, and approved to fund up to $500 to haul away debris removed by volunteers.

o   Lawn Mowing Group Service

§  Board has received a request from a resident about identifying a lawn service that would be willing to provide a discounted price if multiple HF residents signed up.

§  Don will check with the service that maintains the common areas to see if they are interested in doing home lawns

§  The board will add an article to the newsletter about this idea and to see if someone will volunteer to coordinate this effort.

·         Neighborhood Watch:

o   Vanessa has obtained the new signs; will order smaller bags for storing the signs, binder, etc.

o   This approach provides a back-up bag in case the primary bag is not available.

o   Vanessa noted that we still have gaps (i.e., dates without coverage) in the schedule.

·         Garden Committee:

o   This committee has been established, with six members from the community.

o   Plan to rework the entrance signs, including removing some bushes, adding perennial and annual flowers along with rebuilding the decorative fences.

o   Committee has requested $1,000 to start.

§  This is not an annual expense, but is required to redo the entrance sign landscaping.

§  A motion to authorize the Garden Committee to spend up to $1,000 was made, seconded, and approved.

§  Brenda will add a special project line to the budget (entrance improvement project)

o   Bruce sent Kirk an article about the Garden Committee for the July newsletter.

·         Insurance Review:

o   Community association has a new insurance agent

§  Had a conference call with the new agent, who is located in Maryland; learned some things, but also discovered that there were a number of questions that they couldn’t answer.

§  Discussion seemed to be Maryland-centric, where the agents are located.

§  We experienced a lack of follow through in responding to questions that required additional research.

§  Need to check into obtaining insurance coverage from another company with agents located in Virginia.

o   HFCA has three different insurance policies

§  Commercial Prime Insurance –

·         Provides $20,000 in coverage for theft.

·         Current firm asked about value of collateral when we asked about increasing coverage.

·         Board plans to try to identify a Virginia firm to provide a competing offer for this type of coverage.

§  Commercial General Liability –

·         Have not received a bill.

·         Chuck will call Moody’s about not receiving the bill.

·         A motion to pay this bill was made, seconded, and approved.

§  Need to consider Surety Insurance Plans, which is to covers the community association if it has insufficient funds.

·         Brenda will send the contact information.

·         Chuck will check into this insurance.

§  The board is trying to gather information from other associations about types and associated amounts for claims involving insurance.

·         Capital Improvements:

o   The board agreed to form a committee to determine improvements to the Northern Path.

o   For the short-term, repairs may be handled through patches.

·         Open Discussion

o   Bruce will follow up with board members about what night of the week works best for board meetings.

Next meeting

The next Board meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, July 12, 2016 at 7:45 pm at Vanessa’s.


Hickory Farms Community Association – 40th Anniversary Year!

Meeting of the Board of Directors

March 16, 2016, 7:53 – 9:25 pm


The attendees at this meeting of the HFCA Board of Directors are documented immediately below.

Bruce Bernhardt, President

Don Lobeda, Community Grounds, Paths, and Woods                                                 

Vanessa Franck, Neighborhood Watch

Kirk Randall, Member at Large, Newsletter Editor

Brian Roethlisberger, Architectural Control Committee Chairperson

Dante Gilmer, Assistant Treasurer

Ed Wagner, Secretary, Member at Large


Old Business:

·         Secretary:  A motion was made to approve the prior Board meeting minutes.

·         Board Actions since Last Meeting:  No actions were approved during the time period between the HFCA Board Meetings that occurred on January 13 and March 16, 2016.

·         Board Action Items:

o   Review By-Laws change with HFCA Attorney:

§  Bruce has not had a chance to complete this action; he will schedule a call with the attorney

§  It was noted that the attorney charges a minimum of 10 - 15 minutes for phone calls.

o   Treasurer Responsibilities:

§  The Board discussed the distribution of responsibilities to assist the treasurer given her work and school schedule.

·         The Board agreed to have Dante take on the role as a liaison with the attorney, which would include reviewing any bills received.

o   The treasurer recently received a bill for $96 from the community association’s attorney for work on a lien.

o   Review of these attorney charges had previously defaulted to the treasurer.

o   With this agreement, we will request that Brenda forward all legal bills or documents to Dante

·         Common Interest Community Board

o   Participation in this Board has annual dues of $24, along with the requirement that the community association be in compliance with regulations

o   Board provides a process for dealing with appeals

o   Agreed to have this responsibility stay with the treasurer

o   Annual Fees:

§  The community association has only one homeowner who has not paid their fees this year.

§  Treasure will show this on the books as an account receivable for $200 until we receive payment; will track over multiple years if necessary

o   Community Concerns

§  Board has received complaints about a poorly maintained property; Bruce will contact the homeowner about taking the appropriate actions

§  One home with 4-6 college students continues to be a problem for some of their neighbors (parties, etc.)  The Board understands that the home will be getting new tenants in the spring.

§  One home in the community is apparently is rented by a local business owner and appears to be used as boarding house for workers at the business. .

·         It appears that between 6 – 11 people are living in the house at any one time.

·         The Board has received five complaints; however, the 1) the HFCA does not have jurisdiction over the number of persons who may occupy a house, and 2) the homeowner has informed a member of the Board  that all the residents claim to be related. 

·         This issue has been raised by one Board member with Supervisor Cook’s office as well as the absentee homeowner.

§  Supervisor Cook’s recent newsletter mentioned a proposal to convert a house in the local area (not Hickory Farms) to a congregate housing facility for 6 foreign students with one adult supervisor.

·         The primary concern is about establishment of this congregate housing as setting a precedent for our community, which could possibly lead to similar boarding houses being established in Hickory Farms.

·         Supervisor Cook is opposed to the application for establishing this congregate facility

·         This topic will be discussed by the Board of Supervisors in May 2016.

·         Kirk will check with Supervisor Cook to see if he wants support at the Board of Supervisors meeting against this proposal.

o   Review of ‘Rules and Standards of Etiquette for Hickory Farms Email Service’:

§  Stefan, Mike, and Kirk reviewed the rules and procedures that were written eight (8) years ago.

§  One issue that prompted a review of the rules and procedures was the need to revise the wording that the Lesser manager’s decisions were not reviewable by the Board of Directors.  The document has been changed so that the Board can provide the appropriate checks and balances as is its responsibility for all community activities.

§  A motion was made, seconded, and approved to adopt the revised rules and procedures.

§  Kirk will include the updated rules and procedures in the community newsletter and post them on the HF web page.

o   Neighborhood Walkthrough Results & Letters Status:

§  The walkthrough identified two properties that are not consistent with requirements in the community association’s covenants.

§  The Board and ACC will issue letters to both property owners about the specific issues identified and corrective actions required.

§  The project coordinator, Vanessa, will use the same style of letters used in previous years for these types of issues; letters will indicate the specific part of the Covenants or Rules and Regulations that is being violated.

§  Based on the walkthrough, thirty seven (37) properties had one or more violations.  The Board agreed to issue two different letters based on the seriousness of the violation with encouragement for the homeowners to make the corrections as part of their spring clean-up efforts. Hold off on trashcan violations for now.  The walkthrough noted a lot of algae stains; plan to arrange a group purchase of pressure washing services (Kirk did this in April).

o   Past Collection Account Actions: 

§  The Board agreed to reestablish the lien on one property that will expire.

§  As part of this follow up, the Board plans to talk with the attorney about their process of following up; especially with respect to legal costs being the responsibility of the homeowner whose property has a lien due to non-payment of annual fees, not the Association.

o   Volunteer Clean-up of property in disrepair.

§  Volunteers removed around five (5) truckloads of debris; however some additional work is necessary.

§  The resident of this property was appreciative of the assistance.

§  Kirk noted that some volunteer organizations may be willing to provide additional help.

o   Cloud processing and storage options status:

§  Was not discussed due to Brand’s absence.

§  Distributed a spreadsheet for use by Board members to document recommendations on specific documentation retention requirements. 

§  The Board agreed to pick up discussion of document retention at the next meeting.

§  Vanessa will provide some recommendations on electronic storage solutions for the Board’s consideration.

§  This solution should focus on providing basic storage and search capabilities at reasonable cost to the Association.

o   Speeding within HF and Traffic Calming Options:

§  Kirk spoke with Ann Sharp from Supervisor Cook’s office.  We have sent an official request for tracking speed within Hickory Farms by the County police.

New Business:

·         Board Resolutions:  There were no resolutions pending.

·         Standing Reports:

o   Treasurer:

§  2015 Budget & Actual Cost Report –  Final report was published in the January newsletter.

§  2016 Budget & Actual Cost Report – The Association is in good shape from a financial perspective; costs to date are within budgeted amounts.

§  Certificates of Deposit (CD) renewal options:

·         The Board authorized the treasurer to move the CDs to SunTrust; she has requested Kirk’s assistance in accomplishing this.

·         Kirk will follow up with Capital One about the process for moving these

o   Common Grounds, Woods and Paths:

§  Don received a call about contract renewals; Board has agreed to continue to use the same grounds maintenance service, whose offer involves no increase in cost for 2016.

§  Don has obtained two bids on sign cleaning; also need to remove the bushes at the Burke Station Road entrance, which have grown too large.

§  Tree removal update: Don

·         As of this date, no problem trees have been identified.

·         Will need to spend about $300 to clean up debris in the common area to allow for mowing.

§  Boy Scout Service Project:

·         A Boy Scout from Hickory Farms approached Don about doing a service project.

·         Don identified three (3) preferred projects; which are:

o   Shrub and bush remediation at the boxwoods in the upper common ground;

o   Dig out some portion of the overgrown bamboo; and

o   Repair or replace footbridges across Rabbit Run.

·         The preferred project is to repair or replace the footbridges, but the Board needs to check with the attorney on the association’s liability, if any, and the value of adding signs about using the bridge at your own risk to limit liability.

·         If the Board decides to proceed, it will cover the costs of any materials.

o   Neighborhood Watch: Vanessa

§  The reports from Neighborhood Watch have indicated that things have been quiet.

§  The Board is continuing its efforts to increase the number of volunteers participating.

o   Architecture Control Committee:

§  The recent months have been very quiet, with the last application received in January.

§  Conducted one home sale inspection with another four (4) to five (5) homes on the market.

o   Garden Committee:

§  Six (6) people have joined the committee.

§  The committee will start with how to improve the two entrances; will require removing some bushes rather than just cutting them back.

o   40th Anniversary Celebration Options

§  The Board had discussed the idea of having a contest for developing a new logo for the community at the last Board meeting, and decided at this meeting not to pursue it.

·         Potential Capital Improvements in 2016:

The Board discussed the idea of:

§  Constructing two (2) additional matching brick & stone signs at the Burke Station and Roberts Road entrances.

§  Making improvements to Northern Path, which is in need of repair due to tree roots, erosion, etc.

·         Open Discussion

o   The idea of establishing a “Community Free Library” within Hickory Farms, which involves creating a small weather-protected container for the storage of donated books.

o   Vanessa will provide some examples from other communities.

o   The Board discussed the possibility of focusing on children’s books, if this library is approved.

Next meeting

The next Board meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, May 17, 2016 at 7:45 pm


Hickory Farms Community Association – 40th Anniversary Year!

Board of Directors Meeting

January 13, 2016


Bruce Bernhardt, President

Chuck Stewart, Vice President

Don Lobeda, Community Grounds, Paths, and Woods

Vanessa Franck, Neighborhood Watch

Kirk Randall, Member at Large

Brenda Denny, Treasurer

Stefan Schwarz, Listserv Coordinator

Vincent Berry, New Webmaster



Ed Wagner, Secretary, Member at Large

Brand Niemann, Member at Large, Records Management

Mike Merhman, Member at Large

Meeting Minutes and Action Items

1. Welcome and Opening: Meeting opened with introduction of Vince Berry as the new Hickory Farms Community Association Website Administrator.

2.0 Old Business:

2.1 Motion was offered, seconded and approved to approve Minutes from HFCA Board Meeting held on 11/10/2015.

2.2 Board Action Items discussed:

= Review By-Law change with HFCA Attorney – Bruce B. reported no change in status.

= A complaint was discussed regarding use of HFCA funds to provide a credit for the Annual Assessment awarded at the Annual Meeting in October.  This issue will be added to the discussion Bruce will have with our Attorney.

= A complaint was discussed regarding signs posted in the island (portion of grass between sidewalk and curb, also referred to as “parkway”) on properties in Hickory Farms.  The Board decided to research this issue further.  Kirk R. subsequently raised this issue with Ann Sharp of Supervisor Cook’s office and will discuss it at the next Board meeting.

= 4297 County Squire Lane Issues – (1) Bruce B. will contact property owner to discuss current tenant behaviors and discuss landlord plans for new tenants in May/June.  (2) Vanessa discussed community options with Fairfax Police Community Liaison Officer.  In order to establish record of issues, when activities occur that disturb neighbors, a call must be placed to the police and make sure a report is filed.  Case needs to be built on the record of the types and scope of disturbances at the property.  Neighbors need to not only call the police and make a report but also alert HFCA Board members of the incidents so we can follow-up with Community Liaison Officer after each incident.  (3) Neighbors reported Thursday night is the most likely night for loud parties and disturbances.  It was also reported that between 5 and 7 automobiles are parked at or immediately near the address on some evenings overnight indicating more than the 4 tenants are staying overnight at the address.  (4) The Board will reach out to Supervisor Cook’s Office for advice on how to deal with this situation.

= Following discussion, Kirk R, Mike M,, and  Stefan S, agreed to review and revise the Standards of Etiquette for Use of the HFCA Email Service document and provide the proposed changes to the next HFCA Board Meeting for review and approval.

= Neighborhood Walkthrough Results – Vanessa provided current status of individual Board and ACC member reports of non-compliance with HFCA Restrictive Covenants and Rules and Regulations.  Full results will be provided at next Board Meeting.  Two properties were identified as most non-compliant.  Multiple properties have begun leaving trash and recycle bins in front of the front building property line.  Additional discussion is scheduled for next Board Meeting.

= 10115 Spinning Wheel Court clean-up assistance effort was discussed.  Over 5 truckloads of yard debris were removed by Hickory Farms volunteers over the previous 5 weeks.  Clean-up efforts are being suspended due to the colder, winter weather.  Bruce B. will check with property owner in the Spring to see if additional assistance is needed.  Approximately 30% of the property was cleared and is now in compliance with HFCA Restrictive Covenants.

= Cloud processing and storage issues were deferred until next meeting.

= Speeding within HF – eyewitness documentation of speeding vehicles was provided to the Board by one homeowner.  Another homeowner indicated they plan to write an article for the Newsletter against any calming options within HF.  The Board agreed to contact Supervisor Cook’s Office and find out what the process is to have a traffic monitoring device placed in HF to provide objective data on the scope and scale of speeding within our community (A formal request to have a traffic monitoring device located on Still Meadow Road was submitted to Supervisor Cook’s office by Bruce B. in February).  Any action requesting speed calming devises (speed humps, speed bumps, etc.) will be presented at an Annual Meeting and subject to approval by the entire HFCA general membership.

3.0 New Business

3.1 Board Resolutions:

- A motion was made, seconded and approved to authorize Don L. to spend up to $725.00 for tree removal expenses related to a downed tree.  

- A motion was made, seconded and approved authorizing the Treasurer to move HFCA Certificates of Deposit (CDs) from Capital One Bank to Sun Trust Bank.

3.2 Standing Committee Reports:

- Secretary:  Ed W. was delayed at work.  Secretary report deferred to next Board meeting.

- Treasurer: Brenda D.

= 2015 Budget and Actuals have been closed without any changes. 2016 Budget and Actual

Monthly report was deferred to next Board Meeting.  Brenda discussed cost of Post Office

Box.  Brenda discussed moving HFCA CDs from Capital One to Sun Trust.  Board agreed 

with option to move the CDs and a motion was approved. 

- Common Grounds, Woods and Paths: Don L.

= Burke Station entrance HF stone sign has been spray painted with green paint.  Don tried self-cleaning without success.  Professional paint remover may cost up to $1,200 to remove green paint from stone and brick portions of the entrance sign. 

= Don will have the area around the culvert at the bottom of the lower common area cleared out and cleaned up.  This should aid water to enter the storm water sewer opening located there.

= Don is expecting a number of trees to fall over the Winter season.  Anyone observing either a downed tree or a tree that looks like it is in danger of falling should alert Don.

- Neighborhood Watch: Vanessa F.

= Vanessa is researching new signs for Neighborhood Watch.  She will report back at subsequent meeting.

= Replacement of current NW bag with 2 new bags in progress.  Expense will hit 2016 budget.

- ACC: Brian R.

= Quite time of year – not many requests for changes over the Winter months.

= 3 requests were received.  3 approvals were provided.  0 rejections.

- At Large Members: no items discussed


- Vice President: Chuck S. - no items discussed


- President: Bruce B.

= Discussed moving start time to 8 pm.  After discussion, Board decided to move start time from 7:30 pm to 7:45 pm on a trial basis. 

= Discussed additional options for celebrating HFCA 40th Anniversary!  Ideas included new Logo, including 40th Anniversary on all correspondence, progressive dinner, open house event in neighborhood.  More discussion planned at next Board Meeting.

3.3 Potential Capital Improvements in 2016:

- Improvements to the Northern Path are under consideration.

- A proposal to add 2 new entrance signs on Burke Station Road and Roberts Road is under consideration.

- Additional suggestions are being sought and will be discussed at next Board Meeting.

4.0 Meeting Adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Bruce Bernhardt

President, HFCA