Hickory Farms

Common Areas

Common Area Tree Issue Reporting

Have you seen a tree issue on our paths or in the Common Areas?  Please report your tree concern by clicking on the link and filling out the Hickory Farms Common Areas Tree Issues Request form. A Common Areas Committee member will review and reach out for more information as needed.

Tree Issues Request Form

Driving on Common Areas

The common areas are for everyone’s enjoyment.  This does NOT include, however, the use of motorized vehicles like mopeds and motor scooters.  Our insurance doesn’t cover them and they tear up the grounds and grass.  Also, our Rules and Regulations prohibit them.  So, please find somewhere else where it is legal to ride them.

Dumping on Common Areas

The Common Areas are part of everyone's back yard.  However, in several areas, yard debris such as grass clippings and branches are being dumped.  PLEASE do not dump debris in the common areas.  Besides being unsightly, these dumping areas draw rodents and other wild animals into our neighborhood.  Your trash service will pick up yard debris separately for recycling from spring through fall.  It will even pick up debris as part of your trash service during the winter. If you have been putting debris in the common areas, please move it out to the street on debris day or haul it to the Fairfax County dump on West Ox Road.  Although the common areas may be wooded, the woods can’t decompose more debris than it generates itself.  In other words, the clippings and branches you dump in the common areas overload the area’s ability to decompose the material.

Community Paths

There are a number of community-owned paths in Hickory Farms, some of them made of concrete, some asphalt, and some “invisible.”  You may live next to a community-owned path and not even know it!  First, a big “thank you” to those folks living adjacent to the paths who have helped maintain them over the years.   Your hard work maintaining the paths benefits all of us by adding to the beauty of our community.  The Hickory Farms Common Grounds Coordinator also has community property maps that show the locations of these paths.

  • North Black Path
    HFCA property is 10' wide from 4279 Country Squire to 10035 Wheatfield Court.  The community property then widens to 20' where it continues to Roberts Road.
  • Cotton Farm
    Unmarked path between 10019 & 10021 – 20'
  • Country Squire
    Black path between 4278 & 4280 – 8'
    Concrete path between 4285 & 4289 – 10'
  • Cotton Farm & Farm House
    Black path between 10007 Cotton Farm & 4314 Farm House – 20'
  • Farm House
    Concrete path between 4339 & 4341 – 12’ (In the community survey, the path is described as an easement on the property at 4339 Farm House Lane, and not owned by Hickory Farms (like the others).)
  • Harvester Farm
    Unmarked path between 4356 & 4358 – 10'
  • Still Meadow
    Concrete Path between 4337 & 4339 – 30'
    Concrete path between 4328 & 4330 – 12'
  • Wheatfield
    Black path between 10034 & 10035 – 8'