Hickory Farms

Common Areas Committee Meeting Minutes

January 28, 2020

Date: Tuesday, January 28th at 7:30 PM
Location: Melissa & Jarrett’s Home
Attendees: Bill Berg, Bob and Judy Cosgriff, Rich Dudley, Melissa and Jarrett Stark


Open the meeting at 7:40 PM

Introduced the CAC team

Common Areas Overview

Reviewed GIS maps of the Common Areas over the years and where each Common Area is located

Reviewed our Rules & Regulations for the Common Areas

We noticed inconsistencies in the naming of Common Areas/Common Grounds.  Also, the wording, naming and capitalization of proper nouns could be worked on.  The Common Areas Coordinator will bring it up to the board.

CAC Advisor Position Overview

Affirmation for 2020 Advisor positions

Everyone confirmed their commitment of being on the committee for 2020.

Common Areas Distribution Group

Discussed having the committee members personal emails be attached to an overall committee distribution group.  The committee was in favor, but wanted emails kept to a minimum.   Common Areas Coordinator will work with the webmaster to create.

Strategic Planning Team & Our Participation

Briefly went over the Strategic Planning team and our participation.  The Commons Area Coordinator will invite the Strategic Planning Lead to join an upcoming meeting.

2020 Budget, Contracts & Projected Plan

Budget Buckets

  • Defined Maintenance, Improvement & Remediation buckets in the budget

Reviewed the 2020 breakdown of the budget for the year

  • Discussed 2 of the 4 companies that bid for 2020’s HFCA 5.5 acres of mowing. They were Premium Lawn Care & Green Leaf Landscaping.  The other 2 companies, Silverbrook Nursery & Meadow Farms, decided not to bid.  One was due to the spread-out nature and more natural look of our Common Areas, the other was because of our mowing cost.  They were closer to 29K for a property of our size.
  • Vote Approved by Committee: All committee members in attendance were in favor of bringing on Premium Lawn Care for 2020.  This vote will go up to the board for approval.

Discussed TruGreen’s lawn care treatments for the Upper and Lower Commons in 2020.  We are treating the grass (Japanese stilt grass & the lawn being predominantly weeds) and the benefit (removal of the spread of Japanese stilt grass & adding more grass to hold the soil in place = erosion control).

Discussed the projected plan and the CAC Advisor’s role

New HFCA Website (Yet to be rolled out)

  • Showed the CAC the new website, font, and colors. The look is clean and modern, with a bit of a country natural feel.
  • Discussed briefly the Common Areas tab.  (What we can add/delete?)


  • Northern Path – all is good in this area.
  • Rabbit Run – discussed briefly the issues that are going on with Rabbit Run.  The Rabbit Run Restoration Committee is looking into potentially working with Fairfax county on the restoration of Rabbit Run.
  • Lower Commons – all is good in this area
  • Upper Commons – all good with this area
  • Entrances – entrances look good.


Close Meeting @ 9:35 PM
Next Meeting: February 25th at 7:30 PM at Melissa & Jarrett’s home