Hickory Farms

Common Areas Committee Meeting Minutes

May 17th, 2020

Date: Sunday, May 17th at 1 PM

Location: From the Comfort of Your Home via Zoom

Attendees: Melissa & Jarrett Stark, Claire Coleman, Bryan Crabtree, Rich Dudley, Bill Berg


Meeting opened @ 1 PM (approximately)

Approved Meeting Minutes: January & February

Common Areas Overview 

Common Areas Updates:  None to report

Rabbit Run

Lot#:  6A Property Layout & Mowing Correction

  • Discussed the layout of Lot#:  6A & how the HFCA has been mowing a portion of their grass for many decades unknowingly. 
  • Informed the CAC, that the Common Areas Coordinator talked with the owner of Lot#: 6A & validated their property lines and informed the owners of Lot #: 6A that HFCA will no longer mow their property, so there will be no more confusion on lot lines by future HFCA boards.
  • Informed the CAC that HFCA mowing has ceased on their property in early May 2020, a new common area mowing map has been created & HFCA’s mowing company has been informed of this change.
  • Informed that Lot#: 6A will continue to allow HFCA BOD & Common Areas Coordinator access to the back strip of grass to mow.

Rabbit Run Grass Areas

  • Discussed how the southern Rabbit Run basin area (by Cotton Farm Rd), is constantly wet and sometimes is skipped mowing in that section.  How it would be beneficial to gradually increase the natural area with native trees, perennials and shrubs.  Doing this would also allow the soil in the area to be held in place, when there are extreme rains, that overflow Rabbit Run creek.
  • Discussed options to maintain the northern Rabbit Run grass area behind lot#2A-6A in the future.  The option of putting in a path is no longer an option, due to their being no connectivity to Cotton Farm Rd on HFCA common areas property.  One option that was discussed, was putting in more trees and allowing this area to go natural, so that the root systems of the trees and shrubs can prevent further erosion as Rabbit Run creek becomes wider.

Common Areas Board Policy Statement

  • Reviewed the common areas policy statement for the final time and the Common Areas Coordinator will send it to the HFCA BOD for review and approval.

Coming Soon - HFCA Volunteer Waiver

  • Informed the team that the VP and President of the HFCA will be looking into putting together a volunteer waiver to cover the liability of the HFCA, in case a volunteer is hurt.

By – Laws Review & Rewrite – Volunteer?

  • Informed the CAC about the HFCA BOD looking into rewriting the HFCA By-Laws.  If they are interested to contact At-Large BOD member, Kirk Randall.

Board Budget Reviews for 2020

  • Informed the CAC about the Commons Area being put on the HFCA agenda for a complete review of the Commons Area. 

Potential Eagle Scout Project(s)

  • Informed the CAC about Liam Ferguson’s interest in conducting his Eagle Scout project to contribute in improving our common areas.  The areas that he is looking at improving, if funding allows, are the following:
    • Diving Board Bench/Pavers/Planting
    • American Boxwood Grove Vine Clearing/Planting

Upper Commons - Main Island 

Meadow Path

  • Discussed the meadow path materials and commercial chip mulch was decided on.
  • Discussed that this path maintenance will typically need a refresh every 2 – 3 years, but will be evaluated yearly.
  • Benches
    • Placement locations – TBD in our Upper Commons walk around
    • Material – looking into Dumor steel benches long term.  Longevity is 20 years, but they are a significant investment $1,000 - $1,400 per bench, not installed. The CAC team picked their top favorite styles via the link provided and that will be sent to the Strategic Planning committee for review & then to be brought to the HFCA BOD.    www.dumor.com/products/Benches  
  • Talked more about the meadow & future work/plantings.

Main Island – Woodlands

  • Reviewed and discussed Area Landscaping planting plan further, as well as, watering & any other thoughts surrounding this area
  • Discussed planting in phases and what phase would go first, as budget allows.  This phased planting can take  2 – 3 phases, over 2 – 3 years.

Lower Commons 

Drainage Issue along the Asphalt Path

  • Discussed the lower commons drainage area behind Lot#137A, since pooling water continues to be an issue.
    • A couple of sections of the May 2009 reverse Christmas tree French drain was dug up and the tile was uncovered.   The areas specifically dug up were by the asphalt path, along the main pipe stem and also the pipe leading into the drain.  Everything looks good.  The cloth is still in good condition and there is still stone covering the corrugated time.The issue seems to be with the compacted clay soil.Clay soil holds moisture and is preventing the water from getting down to the cloth and gravel into the drain. A cost-effective fix was discussed as a first approach, since the drainage tile is not that deep.That fix was to add an aggregate (sand or fine gravel), as well as, organic matter to the soil, along with aeration.Adding another drain (vent) to the area should help as well.
  • Mr. Stark has volunteered his time and aerator to amend the soil on a monthly basis to see if that improves the drainage in the area.  Sand to be provided by the Common Areas Maintenance budget.


Closed meeting @ 2 PM (estimated)

Next Meeting: May 31, 2020 – 11 AM – UC – Boxwood Grove