Hickory Farms

HFCA Board Meeting Minutes

January 19, 2018

Previous minutes

The minutes of the HFCA Board meeting of November 21, 2018, were approved.

Board members were asked to send HFCA schedule items to Chuck for inclusion on a Hickory Farms calendar.

Treasurer’s Report

Tom advised that the 2017 closeout had been mailed out.

Tom noted that all but eight of the assessments had been received on time and were deposited to the money market account. Of the eight remaining, half were homeowners and half were nonresident landlords. He added that this year’s collection of assessments has never been more timely.

He noted that the HFCA had spent about $5,800 over budget for the year 2017, which was not a surprise. He asked that Board members submit bills to him on a timely basis, and that all bills be submitted to him by mid-December, if possible.


Melissa advised that the common areas signs she had ordered in November had been received, but were of such poor quality that they needed replacing before they could be installed.

The bamboo that had been cut back and sprayed with an herbicide was dying.

She said she would wait for warmer weather before announcing a grounds-cleanup day. She wanted to clean out the boxwood grove in the upper common grounds.

Architectural Control Committee

Chuck explained that state regulations require that Resource Protection Areas (RPAs) be designated around all water bodies with flowing water. RPAs extended 100 feet on either side of such bodies, which means that a number of properties within 100 feet of Rabbit Run are considered RPAs. Any modifications to the grounds that would affect the flow of, or into, RPAs would need prior approval from Fairfax County.

He noted two issues that remained of concern:

  1. A sewer pipe owned by a Burke Station Road homeowner crossing Rabbit Run remains exposed.
  2. VDOT was going to perform work on Cotton Farm Road, which likely would affect flow into Rabbit Run.

Neighborhood Watch

Debbi is still trying to increase the number of teams.