Hickory Farms

Newsletter Advertising

Please try to keep the file size of your ad under 250k, since the newsletters are emailed to the residents. The paper copy of the newsletter is printed in black and white. The emailed and online versions are in color. Ads must be prepaid by check made out to HFCA. Mail or deliver your check to our PO Box. Hickory Farms residents who wish to advertise their own business enterprises are eligible for an additional 15% discount.

Prices are per issue 1-2 Insertions 3-5 Insertions (15% Discount) 6+ Insertions (25% Discount) 12+ Insertions (35% Discount)
1/2 Page $40.00 $34.00 $30.00 $26.00
Full Page $65.00 $55.00 $49.00 $43.00

New advertisers usually get their ads placed on page 2, and all advertisements are rotated month-by-month. The last ad in the newsletter will move to the top and work its way through with each passing month. There is no preference for any advertiser's placement in the queue.

Based on space availability, free ads are available to non-profit groups associated with the Fairfax County Public Schools that serve Hickory Farms — Woodson High, Frost Middle, and Oak View Elementary — and other non-profit organizations whose non-partisan and non-religious activities may be of interest to the community at large. Fairfax Swimming Pool is just one example. Requests to promote charities are not accepted - to promote one charity to the exclusion of others would be unfair. All ad content is subject to the approval of the Board of Directors, who may delegate this responsibility to the Editor.