Hickory Farms

Common Areas Committee Meeting Minutes

September 20, 2020


Call to Order: Common Area Director Melissa Stark called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m. The meeting was conducted by Zoom. 

Attendees:  Bill Berg, Bob and Judy Cosgriff, Jarrett Stark, Melissa Stark, Claire Coleman, Richard Dudley; absent: Brian Crabtree


Agenda Items

Melissa stated that Area Landscaping was ready to plant trees per our contract with them. Most of the trees will go in the upper common grounds where the bamboo was removed. A few trees will go in “Crabtree Island” in the lower common grounds. Area Landscaping stated that they can obtain the majority of the trees from their suppliers and estimated a late November/early December timeframe to plant. It is better to plant deciduous trees when they are dormant. There is approximately $8,000 available for this project

The HFCA Board has discussed repairs to the lower common grounds asphalt path. There might be a walk-around by board members to look at it. 

Tru-Green will do an aeration/feeding in October at a date to be determined. 

Jarrett Stark has been modifying the low area behind the Colemans’ house by adding sand to help with the drainage. This seems to be working. This might enable the HOA to save money on other types of potential remedies to this problem.

There was a brief discussion of expanding the area of native plants along Rabbit Run at Cotton Farm Road and Farm House Road. This would offer some potential savings in mowing costs as well as improving the riparian habitat by creating more buffer.

Melissa briefed the committee on the Eagle Scout by Liam Ferguson (Harvester Farm Lane). The project includes building five benches and installing a stone walkway from the old swimming pool to the “Koi pond.”  The upper and lower common grounds will get two benches each. The fifth bench will resemble a diving board and be placed by the old swimming pool diving board support.

$2300 has been allocated to this project which should take place starting 3 October.

Melissa stated that part of the snow guard fence at the sledding hill will be replaced.

Melissa announced plans to put down mulch on the path through the main tree island in the lower common grounds. The scheduled date is 17 October and will involve spreading 10 cubic yards of playground mulch (a heavier product that will last longer). She asked for volunteers for this and a second project to trim and weed the two entrance signs. Bob and Judy Cosgriff said they could help with the mulch. Claire stated that she would be out of town on 17 October but could help with the sign cleanup if it were held in November. Melissa will announce the plan on the website and try to get some additional volunteers for both projects.

The HOA received approval from Fairfax County to remove a large oak tree in the Rabbit Run Resource Protection area.  The tree is on the creek bank and the bank is severely undermined at that location. Melissa has received on estimate for $2400 to perform the work and to plant a suitable replacement tree nearby.

Motions and Votes: There were no items requiring a vote. 



The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 p.m.

Recorder: Bob Cosgriff