Hickory Farms

HFCA Board Meeting Minutes

November 9, 2022

Minutes of the Hickory Farms HOA Board held on 9 November 2022



In Attendance

Jim Bever-President

Telah Jackson- Acting Vice Presiden

Tad Weed- Associate Treasurer

Ken Sorg- Treasurer

Ben Noviello-Secretary

Carlie Mensen –Member at large

Melissa Stark- Member at large

Pam Barrett – ACC

Meeting was called to order at 7:00

Motion to approve minutes was made by Jim and seconded by Tad; motion passed.

Old Business

Carlie made a presentation on using a “Basic Business” subscription to Microsoft 365 to replace SLACK, Zoom, while also providing dedicated email accounts for the HOA and allowing access to software needed to maintain records. The cost of this was presented as $6 per user-license per month. It was recommended that 10 such user-licenses be purchased.

Motion to authorize this purchase was made by Ben and seconded by Telah; motion passed.

There was a discussion about the need for a better way to make this, and similar purchases, than putting them on personal credit cards. Ken indicated his concerns about procuring a HOA credit card, but acknowledged the need to consider alternatives to the current ad-hoc process.

Jim reported on recent developments regarding neighborhood trash collection, and the desire by homeowner Chenggui Chu to conduct a satisfaction survey. Jim reported that this topic had been addressed at the Braddock District level, which included direct intervention by Supervisor Walkinshaw with the trash collection service. Jim also reported a dramatic improvement in service quality.

There was a discussion regarding to what level it was appropriate for the HOA to become engaged in this issue. It was noted that although the HOA had facilitated ad-hoc special deals with vendors, there was consensus that this was a matter more appropriate for the community to work out, with the HOA providing encouragement and support,

Motion to write a supporting document was made by Jim and seconded by Ben; motion passed

There was a discussion of a possible purchase of Purple Martin houses in the upper commons area. The cost was reported by Jim as $1200, however it was pointed out that the total expense would need to be closer to $1500.

There was a discussion regarding the importance of first getting acceptance by those neighbors who would be able to see the Purple Martin houses from their homes.

Motion to seek acceptance by affected homeowners was made by Jim and seconded by Thad; motion passed

There was a discussion on the ongoing desire to re-pave the buckled section of the lower commons area path, and the possible effect this would have on adjacent trees. Ben recused himself since one of the trees was on his property. It was decided that before a decision would be made, Jim would share with the board the Statement of Work to be provided to potential vendors.

There was a discussion of the progress towards use of the email list to distribute digital newsletters, with some hard-copies being presented in the “Little Libraries,” which had been approved by the board in an earlier meeting.

Pam reported on ACC plans to use more aggressive means to seek compliance of homeowners who have ignored past requests.

There was a discussion regarding the slow progress being made, and Jim advocated sending out a notice to the affected homeowners that they had 14 days to begin compliance before an executive committee meeting would occur.

Motion that the ACC should move aggressively was made by Jim and seconded by Ben; motion passed

Ken reported on plans to communicate with homeowners regarding the 2023 Annual Assessments following the same procedure used last year.

Motion that the newsletter ad rates be increased by $5 per tier was made by Ken and seconded by Jim; motion passed

Ken discussed plans to move financial information from SLACK and to Microsoft 365.

Jim indicated that the Halloween events organized by the Social Committee had gone well, and repeated the need for more community volunteers.

New Business

Jim expressed his thanks to the board, as well as his desire for a year-end celebration.

Jim reminded the board of key upcoming dates

13 December: The next board meeting

25 November: Deadline for articles and notices to be placed in the newsletter.

Motion for adjournment was made by Jim and seconded by Telah ; motion passed

9:00 Meeting adjourned