Hickory Farms

HFCA Board Meeting Minutes

February 8, 2022

Hickory Farms Community Association Board of Directors

February 8, 2022     7pm—9:00 pm

Virtual Meeting via Zoom

Attendance: Sean Coleman – President; Jim Bever - Vice President; Carlie Mensen - Secretary; Ken Sorg – Treasurer; Melissa Stark - Common Area Coordinator, Pam Barrett – ACC, and newly elected board members Thaddeus Weed – Assistant Treasurer; Ben Noviello – Member at Large

  • Call to Order and Roll Call            
    • Approval of the January 2022 Minutes
    • Motion to approve by Melissa, 2nd by Jim; all vote yes—approved 
  • Old Business  
    • Friends of Tree Award Winner – no update this month
    • Electronic Recycling – not enough board interest to lead prior agreed upon effort
    • Woodson HS Boundary change – Jim confirmed there is currently no on-going discussions that would affect our neighborhood as confirmed from our school district’s board member Megan McLaughlin
  • New Board Members
    • Motion to approve two new Board Members Ben Noviello and Tad Weed by Jim, 2ndby Carlie; all vote yes—approved
  • Treasurer’s Report 
    • Annual Dues Update – 6 homes overdue
    • Reviewed the yearly accounting assessment performed by Ken Sorg, Tad Weed, and Jim Bever on Feb. 2nd 2022 that concluded that the 2021 HFCA fiscal year reflected accurate accounting and sound business practices
    • Monthly bank statements will be posted in Slack for review
    • Motion to purchase Money Minder for HOAs for up to $200 for 2022 (a yearly fee) from the administrative budget by Ken, 2nd by Jim; all vote yes—approved 
  • ACC Report on Inspections
    • Carlie to work with Pam to summarize remaining actions to be reported to the board in March
  • Neighborhood Watch Restart – 
    • Motion to email prior neighborhood watch members to gauge interest in re-training which consists of a 30-minute video course by Jim, 2nd by Ken, all vote yes—approved 
  • Branding Contract status
    • The committee members will select from current options and work with Bryan Crabtree to improve upon and finalize the logo design
  • Common Areas
    • Motion to approve $1370 against the Common Areas remediation budget to address issues pictured in Slack Post “Picture 1 is a LC cherry tree that has black knot & is in major decline.  The CAC has decided to hold off on removing this tree and to re-evaluate it in October 2022 & budget willing. The 2nd picture is Precision Tree's quote.  Picture 3 - 5 are the trees in the LC, where a majority of our damage has occurred.  The CAC is proposing moving forward with LC work items 1 - 5, UC item 1 & Rabbit Run (RR) item #1.  The total of these items will be $1,370 & will hit the Common Areas Remediation budget.  Our 2022 Common Areas budget is $5,500.” By Melissa, 2nd by Carlie; all vote yes—approved
  • Lower Common Area path update provided by Jim
    • Jim reported on progress assessing the features of the prioritized work contemplated to repair the asphalt path buckling at the east end of the Lower Path, as well as the water logging problem near the storm drain there, as well. The idea of considering a "rain garden" was also explored by the ad-hoc working group of homeowners engaged on this challenge, as was arranging a targetted topographical survey at the site and reaching out to the local governments' Soil and Water Conservation Service and the Public Works departments to come and walk the terrain with us. We hope to have a biddable draft scope of work ready by end of March.
  • Newsletter
    • Bill Berg resigned as newsletter editor. – Thank you Bill for your hard work on our newsletters! Jennifer Maloney has volunteered to take over our communities newsletter efforts –Thank you Jennifer!
  • New Business  -- Schedule for 2022
    • Neighborhood Yard Sale – May 14, 2022 7am – Noon
    • Master Deed change concept shared for future consideration to raise money for the Reserve Fund
  • Motion to adjourn by Jim, 2nd by Ken at 9:12