Hickory Farms

HFCA Board Meeting Minutes

January 14, 2020

Location: 10110 Round Top Ct
Time: 7:30 – 9:35pm


Chuck Stewart, Jim Bever, Melissa Stark, Bill Berg, Kirk Randall, Pam Barrett, Telah Jackson and new member Kathie Schmidt

Meeting was called to order by President Chuck Stewart

  • 3rd Friday of each month, articles are due for the newsletter to Bill.
  • Minutes from December Board meeting on hold.
  • Still looking for a VP - discussion on the role and what the board is looking for in the position.

New Business/Open discussion

Braddock District Council - Neighborhood College – speaking & presentation. Details on the event includes:

  • Programs by the supervisor’s office.
  • Free, no cost for board members.
  • Opportunity to meet and talk with other HOA members.
  • Meet police & Fire personal to express concerns.
  • Provide information on how the county works.

Record Retention

  • Should we download files from Yahoo? – No, we don’t need the information.
  • Discussion on the current website and the updated website that will be launch soon.
  • Discussion on the Listserv and how to join.

Roberts Run

  • Bob Cosgriff is the chair and is working with Melissa on this.
  • We may need to have a discuss with Supervisor Walkinshaw on the topic of safety at Robert Road. Additional discussion on the issues and safety at the entrance of Roberts Road.

New Website and PayPal

  • Credit card link on the website has been increased to $300 to include the late fee.
  • Only 2 people haven’t paid.

VPOAA changes

  • It has been re-numbered.Some of our paragraphs were based on old numbers.It has all been changed to reflect the new number.

Rules – Key areas in charging fee for Disclosure package

  • Will the disclosure fee have a link on the website so it can be paid via PayPal?
  • Info sent to Bryan to be updated and added.
  • Discussion on the fees required for the packages and the changes in the legislation.

Standing Agenda Items


  • Annual assessments going well – Review of assessments and new members
    • 22 PayPal payments totaling $5,500
    • $43,500 in checks
    • 196 checks deposited for a total of $49,000 for this year
  • Interested is boosting the PayPal participation next year
  • The Board reviewed budget/account spreadsheets via handouts

Common Areas

  • 1 item left - Fall leaf blowing in December. They didn’t do the work and we weren’t charged.
  • New bird boxes have been installed.They should last 5 years
  • Saved 7 current post and painted them black
  • Target the end of Feb. for all boxes to be installed
  • Warning for Rabbit Run signs will go up
    • Cotton Farm – Rabbit Run @ end of black path
    • One before bridge #5 – placed on a driven post
  • 2020 Committee
    • Roles to walk the commons, check trees, check for cleaning $ vines that need to be taken down.
    • Helping make decisions such as landscaping company.
    • They will also discuss spring planting – meadows, upper & lower commons
    • Main island in lower commons – try to decrease erosion in that area.

Social Committee

  • Chuck will follow up


  • 1 property since last meeting to request package.
  • Discussion on the house in the RPA and their new replacement shed.
  • 1 request for a play structure – how do we handle this?

Neighborhood Watch

  • Debbie will talk to Michael Stuart about the traffic issues and request an officer at the bus stops.
  • No report on neighborhood watch

Strategic Planning

  • The committee will focus on 3 projects for the next three months
    1. Sidewalks, curbs, repave roads and street safety
    2. Creating a branding guide
    3. Good neighbor program
  • Meeting scheduled with Bob Cosgriff for Feb. 1st. Bob has agreed to advise us on working with the county on the sidewalks, curbs, repave roads and street safety projects.
  • Meeting scheduled with Bryan Crabtree for Feb. 1st to discuss branding.

Vice President

  • Motion to elect Kathie
  • 2nd and approved
  • Kathie accepted the position as VP.


  • Next meeting will be Feb. 11th – discussion on the date
  • Motion to adjourn – 2nd and approved

Email votes by the Board

  • Vote for TruGreen 2020 Weed control – vote passed on Jan 18th
  • Vote for hiring Premium Lawn & Landscape for 2020 Common Areas maintenance service – passed Jan 31st.