Hickory Farms

HFCA Board Meeting Minutes

July 12, 2022

Minutes of 12 July 2022 Hickory Farms HOA Board Meeting
Location: Zoom

Attendance: Jim Bever – President; Carlie Mensen – Member at Large; Ben Noviello – Secretary; Telah Jackson – Member at Large; Thaddeus Weed – Assistant Treasurer;

Melissa Stark – Common Area Coordinator;

Meeting called to order at 7:05

Motion to accept previous meeting minutes (Version 3) made by Jim.

Telah seconded; motion passed

Old Business

Jim summarized positive events presented in the Agenda. Special thanks were requested for the good work done on the Garden Tour Brochure. It was noted that Bob Cosgriff wrote the text, and Sarah Tropiano integrated it into an effective and professional-looking document.

Telah volunteered to represent HFCA at the upcoming Sept 21 evening mtng of the Braddock District Council; Jim agree to let new BDC Chair Bob Cosgriff know.

Treasurers Report

Tad reported that he was coordinating with Ken and Jim in order to obtain the tax information requested by the CPA

It was stressed that 31 July is the deadline for 2023 budget item requests.


Branding Roll-out Report

Telah reported the ongoing implementation of the new logo strategy approved in May.

There was a discussion of ongoing research related to updated signage for the development entrances.


Upper Commons Report

Melissa reported on the bids submitted for the removal of dead and damaged trees.

A motion was made by Melissa to accept the bid from José Marquez.

Telah seconded; motion passed.

A tentative proposal to create a nesting colony for Purple Martins was described, with further information to be presented at the August meeting.

By the August 9 HFCA Board Mtng, Melissa agreed to look at the list of landscape firms sent to us by the Northern Virginia Soil & Water Conservation District, so she could possibly identify at least three good ones for bidding which HFCA may have used before or about which there have been good reports.


Lower Commons Report

Ben reported the need for further coordination with new homeowner regarding possible risk to trees along the existing pathway. Action taken by Ben to report on this, and, assuming consent by the new homeowner, create a draft Statement of Work, as well as at least three possible vendors prior to the August meeting


ACC Report

In Pam's absence, Jim gave an update based upon info Pam provided him.

Jim reported that ACC has letters ready to go to several violators who have not responded to earlier notifications.

It was stressed that it is important for the ACC to follow the established Strategic Plan, which provides that HFCA will seek to hold a house-to-house inspection on an annual basis. It was also noted that extra help could be made available if needed. Jim will ask Bryan Crabtree to add Carlie Mensen to the president@hickoryfarms.org alias to also receive email to the president and to add ACC Member Donna Garfield to the acc@hickoryfarms.org alias to also receive email.

New Business

After discussion, Jim moved that the Annual Meeting be scheduled for 18 October at 7:00 PM. This will be a virtual meeting, and is scheduled to last 90 minutes.

Ben seconded; motion passed.

After discussion, Jim moved that a nominating committee be formed, with assistance from Telah and Carlie.

The nominating committee will receive and, as needed, identify candidates for the 2023 HFCA Board and assure homeowners are aware of such 30 days ahead of elections at the Annual Mtng

Telah seconded; motion passed

Discussions occurred related to the following:

The need for a VP. Board Members to let Jim know of any volunteers interested to serve as Vice-President until upcoming October Annual Mtng.

A possible invitation to James Walkinshaw to attend the annual meeting

Issues related to the storage and access of HOA records.

The proper policy for dealing with personal information regarding current and past Hickory Farms residents.

An ongoing discussion regarding the regulations governing the contact of HOA-paid lawyers without explicit HOA approval.

That articles/photos for Newsletters are due on the 25th of the month prior to publication, which is usually by the 1st of the month.

The need to get permission to publish pictures of individuals in the newsletter.

That there will be no newsletter for August.

Meeting was adjourned circa 8:50 PM until the next scheduled meeting on 9 August