Hickory Farms

HFCA Board Meeting Minutes

June 14, 2022

Minutes of 14 June 2022 Hickory Farms HOA Board Meeting

Location: Zoom

Attendance: Jim Bever – President; Carlie Mensen – Secretary; Ben Noviello – Assistant Secretary; Telah Jackson – Member at Large; Ken Sorg – Treasurer; Thaddeus Weed – Assistant Treasurer; Melissa Stark – Common Area Coordinator; Pam Barrett - ACC

There being a quorum, the meeting was brought to order at 7:00PM. As there was no quorum for the May meeting, official minutes were not taken.

Old Business

Jim highlighted topics of interest

  • Highlighted the recent Friends of Tree award, the Spring Fling, and the annual yard sale as positive occurrences in the community.
  • Informed board of Bob Cosgriff’s candidacy for Braddock District Council.
  • Described possible attendance of James Walkenshaw at the upcoming garden tour as a way to raise awareness and highlight possible need for services.
  • Described locating past tax returns, which would be forwarded to Tad.

Pam provided the ACC report

  • Provided historical context for the ACC, highlighting that the ACC has enforcement authorities that were either not available, or not leveraged, in the past.
  • Described properties with chronic violations.
  • Describes ad-hoc approaches to violations.
  • After Ken requested a clarification of the criteria for more aggressive enforcement, the relevant process was described, which includes initial contact followed by 60 day period before imposition of escalating fines and eventual threat of a legally-binding hearing.
  • After Jim requested clarification of status of properties with chronic issues with respect to this process, it was stated that 3 properties might need to go to hearing.
  • There was a discussion of alternative ACC reporting strategies, including a written monthly summary. This lead to an exploration of different interpretations of the relevant regulations.

Ben moved to table discussion; Telah seconded; The motion passed.

Jim reported that the neighborhood watch report schedule had been organized through Labor Day

Ken presented the Treasurer’s report

  • Described current financials, and indicated that he had posted relevant information.
  • A discussion occurred regrading possible alternate reporting strategies.
  • It was stressed that 31 July was the deadline for Calendar Year 2023 budget submissions.

Telah presented branding roll-out report

  • Progress of transition to new logo was described.
  • Jim committed to coordinating with Telah regarding new letterhead.
  • A discussion occurred regarding the complicated issues related to creating new entryway signage.
  • Melissa outlined options and suggested a point of contact to Jim to help scope this issue.

Telah moved to approve a 60 day transition plan for the new logo, with the exception of the two entryway signs. Ben seconded this. The motion passed.

Melissa presented the commons area report

  • Described recent removal of diseased tree and recommended we investigate professional removal of other trees that are in danger of falling.
  • Presented the change in policy of “Precision Tree” regarding support to HOAs, and the possible increased cost of similar services from other vendors.
  • Possible effort to get an exception to this policy was described.
  • Described the recommendations of the Virginia Soil and Water inspection, and possible implications for cost savings through the reduced need to seed and aerate.
  • Jim requested more information for July meeting.

Ben presented status of blacktop path repair in lower area

  • There was a discussion of the importance of root control, and possible risk to adjacent trees.
  • Ben took an action fo coordinate with new owner of affected property, pending Jim’s providing contact information.

Jim presented ongoing activities of ACC review; there was a discussion regarding processes regarding ACC membership

New Business

Jim described concern regarding lack of volunteers for newsletter distribution, and presented options involving block reps, board members, paying people to make deliveries, digital, and digital combined with limited number of hardcopy in “mini libraries.” There was a discussion of the need to clarify requirements with legal counsel, including legal status of electronic notifications vice paper.

Carlie made a motion to develop hybrid digital and little library approach, conditional on approval of legal. Telah seconded this motion; The motion passed.

Jim stressed that 25 June was the deadline for newsletter submissions

Jim made a motion that the August newsletter be skipped. Telah seconded the motion. The motion passed.

Meeting adjourned circa 8:40