Hickory Farms

HFCA Board Meeting Minutes

March 10 2020

Prepared by Debbi Buchanan

In attendance

Bill Berg, Pam Barrett, Kirk Randall, Chuck Stewart, Melissa Stark, Bryan Crabtree, Carllie Mensen and Debbi Buchanan
Jim Bever arrived at 8:30 p.m.

Meeting began at 7:45 p.m.

  • Motion to Approve February Meeting Minutes. Tabled. 
  • Read into March Minutes: Vote to Make Ken Sorg an Assistant Treasurer and  an Officer.  Ken Sorg was voted and approved as Assistant Treasurer and an officer.
  • Safety First.  Pam Barrett discussed the importance of checking with your doctor about the side effects of Lipitor. Chuck Stewart discussed that he found wires hanging out of a light pole. But he called Dominion and they had it fixed within a couple of hours.
  • Training HFCA Documents - 5 Minutes By The Clock.  A quick review of requirements from HFCA documents for some positions and meetings.

New Business/Open Discussion 

Braddock District Council

  • Their website is bad.

Coronavirus and HFCA Activities

  • Chuck Stewart commented that we should put off neighborhood functions for a while and to use common sense when dealing with social distancing.

New Website

  • Bryan Crabtree has created a database for each property where unique property information can be stored, this database may be benifitial to the ACC.
  • Melissa Stark requested a database to store Common Areas contracts so that she can keep her files organized for each year.
  • Kirk Randall agreed to review the BOD responsibilities posted on the website.
  • Currently the only unique features of the website available to logged in homeowners are the neighborhood directory and the ability to add/edit calendar entries.
    • Durring the account signup process homeowners can opt in to have their info visible in the Neighborhood Directory.
    • Board Members have add/edit access to all calendar categories.
    • Logged in residents only have add/edit access to the "Residents" calendar category.
  • Kirk Randall will read through the content on the new website and provide any necessary changes.
  • Homeowners can now download for free the VPOAA Part 2 disclosure document packet and they can pay for the VPOAA Part 1 disclosure document packet via credit card or  PayPal on the website.
  • An article will be placed in the next newsletter to advise neighbors of new website changes.
  • Pam Barrett asked if our website could change documents to their language of choice. After discussion it was determined that website translation was not necessary.
  • Bryan Crabtree will continue to slowly migrate content from the old website to the new.

VPOAA Changes

  • Kirk Randall said no changes. 

Changes to the Governing Documents

  • Chuck Stewart asked if there were any changes on the reserve fund issue. 

Standing Agenda Items


  • 2019 Records Review and Taxes. Jim Bever reported that he, Kirk Randall and Ken Sorg reviewed last year's documents.   Jim Bever contacted our accountant to file our taxes or the extension. He also set up an electronic portal so that we can send the documents electronically.  The process will be easier in the future.
  • Actual Monthly Report. The February balance is $52,342 including advertising deposits and two other deposits and two late payments. Melissa Stark asked where the excess budget money was going? She reminded Jim Bever that any excess should be put into the strategic planning account as had been voted in in a prior Board meeting.  Any surplus should go into planning for Common Areas.

Common Areas

  • Spring Plans.  Melissa Stark and her Common Areas Committee (CAC) discussed a variety of options for watering our new trees for fall 2020 and the newer trees planted in 2019.  The CAC decided on the following options for the Board to vote on:  PremiumLawn and Landscape will water the new trees at $55/hour via a watering truck.  Another option Is Mr. Dudley offered to put in a flow meter to pay for water that is used for each tree. The Board agreed to pay Premium up to $3k for watering the newly planted trees.  The next Common Areas Committee meeting is March 29 to discuss cherry tree island. 

Social Committee

  • No comments.

Architectural Control Committee

  • Pam Barrett commented that no concrete was used in the swing set noted in last month’s meeting. So no approval was necessary from the county.  
  • 2020 Walk Around. In this year’s walk around, most of the mildew and moss has been remediated. met with West Springfield re loud mufflers.  Bob Cosgriff and Bob Sotille have signed up for the 2020 review taking place in June.  Bill Berg offered to take a few homes to review as well.  It was suggested that reviewers be given a sheet on every house that was reviewed in 2019 to help people with reviewing this year. 

Neighborhood Watch

  • Debbi Buchanan commented that she spoke with Michael Stewart (officer from West Springfield) regarding getting a “your speed is sign”. We discussed where to put the sign on the corner of Still Meadow and Cotton Farm and Still Meadow and Farm House and Farm House by field of common areas by Dudley's home.   Chuck Stewart asked if we can get more yellow “Slow Down” signs. 

At Large Issues

  • Kirk Randall: We lost three newsletter advertisers, but gained two. 
  • Telah Jackson: Tabled. 
  • Bill Berg: Newsletter Printing. Drop date for articles is April 1. Delivery scheduled for April 4-5, 2020.


  • Next Meeting. April 14, 2020.
  • Adjourn Meeting. Meeting adjourned at 9:40 p.m.