Hickory Farms

HFCA Board Meeting Minutes

September 1, 2020

Hickory Farms Community Association Board of Directors

Tuesday, September 1, 2020, Time:  7:00 – 9:00 PM




Chuck Stewart - President, Kathie Schmidt - Vice President, Carlie Mensen- Secretary, Pam Barrett - ACC, Jim Bever - Treasurer, Melissa Stark - Common Coordinator, Debbi Buchanan - Neighborhood Watch, William Berg - Newsletter, Kirk Randall - At Large, David Tropiano, Meredith Perkins

Open and Introductions

  • Approve July and August BoD meeting minutes
    • Motion to approve July and August Meeting Minutes emailed to the board prior to meeting: Chuck, 2nd: Kirk – Approved
    • Transitioned Email Votes to a meeting vote due to <100% email response of voting members
      • From July Meeting Minutes (i.e. vote between June and July meeting)
        • Vote for: $2,545 expense against Common Areas Remediation. J&L Tree service for tree removal of reference number 7 at $450 and Precision Tree Service tree pruning/removal of reference number 1 - 6 and number 8 for $2,095  (please note - neighbor will be writing a check for $125 to cover their half of the tree to Precision Tree Service).   This would be a total cost of $2,545 against the Common Areas Remediation budget. Email Vote: 7 Yes, 3 No Email Response
          • Motion: Kathie, 2nd:Chuck – 6 Yes Votes during meeting – Approved
      • From August Meeting Minutes (i.e. vote between July and August)
        • Vote #1:   to approve Liam Ferguson's Eagle Scout proposal attached for (4) new benches + (1) diving board bench, a steppingstone path and the removal of debris in the Boxwood Grove. Email Vote 1: 7 Yes, 0 No - 3 No Email Response
          • Motion: Chuck, 2nd: Jim; 5 Yes Votes, 1 No Vote; Approved
        • Vote #2 for funds up to $1000 from the Strategic Projects expense line item to cover any funds not raised by the scout’s go fund me campaign. Email vote 2: 6 Yes, 1 No - 3 No Email Response
          • Motion: Chuck, 2nd:  Jim; 5 yes, 1 no; Approved
  • Training Documents – quick discussion on document sent prior to meeting
  • New Business/Open DiscussionListServ - David Tropiano 
    • Presented new options for the ListServ as Yahoo groups has reduced support and we have lost a key functionality to moderate emails
      • Paid and Free Options include Google Groups, Facebook Groups, and many other 
      • David Recommends Google Groups, can export current Yahoo list and upload to Google
        • Same functionality as current ListServ
        • Adds ability to send the welcome message which can include guidelines
      • Discussed the need to use the current ListServ for the upcoming social event and October “meeting”
      • Motion to transition to Google Groups: Kirk, 2nd: Chuck; Approved
      • David will put the plan together and report back with a proposed timeline for transition
    • Reserve Funding Study 
      • The asphalt and concrete for the lower commons will cause us to go red on our reserve funding. Kathie proposed a separate meeting to have a deep discussion on the two items identified as needing immediate repair and how to fund the capital reserve in 2021
      • Kathie to schedule time for after Labor Day weekend
    • Insurance
      • We do not have the insurance bill yet, usually it comes in September. Expect the cost to be approximately what it was last year. Current insurance expires Sept. 29th for basic liability which also includes employment/volunteer claims. We do not have crime, cyber coverage, or ransom coverage.
      • By-laws require coverage for legal defense costs; our current policy does not extend to excessive legal fees that exceed the current $1M in coverage. To increase to $2M in coverage would cost $1000.
      • Will keep an eye out on the PO box for the bill and share quotes with the board as the information is available
    • Treasurer
      • 2021 Budget-Thank you for inputs between meetings, cleaned up file to make it easier to read
      • Reviewed the file sent prior to the meeting
      • Discussed moving around some funds in the proposal, but would like to hold specific discussions to a designated discussion at the same time as the reserve funding study noted above
        • Will also discuss maintaining or increasing the assessment at that time based on the discussion 
    • By-Laws
      • Discussion on the documents sent prior to the meeting, By-Law Changes, Proxy Form, and Messages for the ListServ/Mail/Etc.
      • Vote to cancel the in-person annual meeting of members, Motion: Chuck, 2nd: Jim; Approved
      • Vote to schedule special meeting of the members on Oct. 3 at 10am to collect proxies to approve By-Law Changes Only; Motion Chuck, 2nd Kathie; Approved
    • Standing Agenda Items
    • Social Committee
      • Kona Ice Truck Tentatively scheduled to visit Hickory Farms at the upper commons for Sunday Sept. 6th Discussed risks and precautions to ensure safety.
      • Vote to spend $400-650 for Hickory Farm Residents to stop by to pick up a treat on Sunday Sept 6th; Motion: Chuck, 2nd: Jim; Approved
    • Treasurer 
      • Reviewed Actuals/Statements sent via email prior to meeting
    • Strategic Plan
      • Jim updated that there have been edits since our separate strategic planning meeting and Pam and Carlie have been tasked to perform edits.
        • Pam will perform the first review and then pass the file to Carlie
    • Common Areas
      • Liam’s project has raised $1982 which is over his $1900 goal. The above and beyond fundraising will go towards planting, project to start the weekend of Oct. 3rd
    • Architectural Control Committee
      • Two approvals: one inspection was resistant to our inspection of the backyard, upon inspection found a fence falling down and a deck/screened porch that was not put through the ACC, there is no-hand rail on the stairs, may need to issue a non-compliance letter prior to sale
    • At Large Issues
      • Debbi Buchanan: No report
      • Kirk Randall: Pass
      • Bill Berg:  Newsletter Printing – September newsletter articles due by Wednesday Sept. 2nd. 
    • President
      • Next Meeting Date (October 6, 2020, 1st Tuesday)  
      • Motion to Adjourn Meeting: Chuck, 2nd: Debbi 2nd, Passed