Hickory Farms

HFCA Board Meeting Minutes

August 11, 2020

Aug 11, 2020 07:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Zoom Meeting: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/82630364751?pwd=LzBjTTJyQ29lSUdQbkR5SmhEMTNkdz09

Attendees: Chuck Stewart, Kathie Scmidt, Kirk Randall, Pam Barrett, Debbi Buchanan, Jim Bever, Telah Jackson, Melissa Stark, William Berg, Carlie Mensen, Bruce Bernhardt.

  • Open and Introductions  
  • Motion to approve July BoD meeting minutes 
    • Will approve via email with this month’s minutes
  • New Business/Open Discussion
    • Annual Meeting 
      • Update on lawyer’s advice against holding an in-person meeting and holding a meeting to collect proxies only to update the by-laws to allow for remote meetings and alternative methods of voting
      • Motion by Chuck for Kirk and Kathie to co-lead a committee to coordinate the by-laws change to allow for electronic voting and virtual meetings. 2nd Jim; Vote Passed; Chuck and Bruce will also join/support the committee. 
      • Follow-up discussion regarding concerns about the timeline and ensuring inclusiveness. Kathie, Carlie, and Kirk provided info about the full intent of the by-law change and future electronic voting (i.e. multiple methods of voting and ensuring those without email addresses are included)
  • Nominating Committee 
    • Highlighted email sent introducing the nominating committee. If the voting by-laws are passed we can use the new voting procedures to vote for new board members as needed, possibly in the November timeline. Additionally, current board members may resign and then vote in new candidates using alternate methods if needed. 
  • 2021 Budget 
    • Reviewed excel file that was sent prior to meeting.  Spreadsheet reflected initial proposed 2021 Annual Operating Budget
    • Jim said he is willing to take email questions regarding the capitol reserve study and cost of engineering inputs to the study
    • Chuck and Bruce agreed to work with Jim on the budget
  • Reserve Funding Study
    • Reviewed the current excel file, currently we are funded for 2021, but we fall below 0% funded going forward unless we increase the funding. Currently estimating 2% inflation, prior analysis on common grounds maintenance used a 5% inflation, and the engineers suggested 6-7 years for the northern path, yet we used 10 years, so the costs could be more.  Reserve Study Committee has completed its work, except for any changes requested by the Board. 
    • Discussed how strategic planning would use the reserve study going forward
  • Strategic Planning
    • The strategic plan includes  text descriptions of maintenance items in the reserve study, but does not include budget estimates.  The proposed Strategic Plan is not all funded from the strategic planning budget. Additional discussion and alignment between Strategic Planning Committee and Reserve Study Committee regarding use of Reserve Account and Board approval process for maintenance vs. improvement initiatives to be continued. 
  • RPA Tree Removal 
    • Approved with alterations from the county
  • Standing Agenda ItemsTreasurer 2019 Taxes
    • Discussed adjusted timeline and are monitoring the dates/changes. Treasurer stated he hopes to resolve 2019 tax issue by September Board Meeting
  • Actuals Monthly Report
    • Skipped due to time constraints-bank statements were sent prior to the meeting for reference
  • Please Submit 2021 Budget Information Before Next BoD meeting
  • Common Areas 
    • Skipped due to time constraints
  •  Architectural Control Committee
    • Skipped due to time constraints
  • At Large IssuesTelah Jackson:  Planning 
    • Covered above
  • Debbi Buchanan: 
    • (No Report)
  • Kirk Randall: 
    • Skipped due to time constraints
  • Bill Berg:  Newsletter Printing
    • Are we running a newsletter in Sept? Yes we need to in order to coordinate the October “meeting”/proxy vote for by-law changes.
    • Inputs due by Wednesday the 26th
  • Vice President
    • Skipped due to time constraints
  • President
    • Next Meeting Date (September 8, 2020, 2nd Tuesday)
  • Adjourned Meeting at 9:07 Chuck Motion, Debbie 2nd

Email Votes since July Board Meeting:

  • Motion by Melissa, 2nd by Telah
    • Vote #1:   to approve Liam Ferguson's Eagle Scout proposal attached for (4) new benches + (1) diving board bench, a steppingstone path and the removal of debris in the Boxwood Grove
      • Vote 1: 7 Yes, 0 No, 3 No Email Response (Need 100% participation to pass a vote via email)
    • Vote #2 for funds up to $1000 from the Strategic Projects expense line item to cover any funds not raised by the scout’s go fund me campaign
      • Vote 2: 6 Yes, 1 No, 3 No Email Response (Need 100% participation to pass a vote via email)