Hickory Farms

HFCA Board Meeting Minutes

April 20, 2021

HFCA Special Board Meeting (Via Zoom)

Tuesday, April 20, 2021

7:00pm EDT

Attendees:  Telah Jackson, Sean Coleman, Pam Barrett, Ken Sorg, Melissa Stark, , Carlie Mensen, Debbi Buchanan, Jim Bever, Kathie Schmidt.  Not in attendance:  Bill Berg, Brian Crabtree, Meredith Perkins, and Sarah Tropiano

Moderator:  Larry Rogers

Notetaker:  Claire Coleman, edited for the website by Carlie Mensen (more detailed notes of the discussion can be provided upon request).

Meeting was called to order at: 7:04pm

Topics of Discussion:

1st Hour, Strategic Planning:  Financial Planning; Community Survey; Annual Planning Calendar; 50th Anniversary; Educating the Public

2nd Hour, Operational effectiveness:  Communications (internal/external); Meeting Process & Prep; Process Improvement; Branding

Motion by Ken to set the deadline for providing information for the monthly HOA board meetings (currently scheduled for 2nd Tuesday of each month) by the prior Friday at midnight. 2nd by Kathie, All vote Yes; Passed.

Discussion led to assigning working groups as follows (For the 50thAnniversary group, the initial hope is to create a planning group to explore options.  All other groups will report back to the June Board meeting with their preliminary results):

Communications:  Carlie Mensen, Brian Crabtree and Ken Sorg

Meeting Processes:  Ken Sorg and Telah Jackson

Process Improvement:  Brian Crabtree, Melissa Stark, Carlie Mensen

Branding:  Melissa Stark, Jim Bever, Telah Jackson, Brian Crabtree, Sarah Tropiano

Financial Planning: Ken Sorg, Jim Bever, Carlie Mensen

Community Survey:  Telah Jackson, Bill Berg, Kathie Schmidt, Melissa Stark

Annual Planning:  Sean Coleman

50th Anniversary:  Meredith Perkins, Sarah Tropiano (inviting neighbors to participate)

Educating the public:  Melissa Stark, Jim Bever, Pam Barrett, Brian Crabtree

Ex-Officio on all working groups:  Sean Coleman and Jim Bever

Additional action noted to start adding  “Old Business that needs to be addressed” as an agenda item going forward.  This will help us approve things and not continue to kick things down the road. 

Motion to adjourn made by Debbi Buchanan, seconded by Jim Bever, All approve

The meeting adjourned at 9:03pm