Hickory Farms

HFCA Board Meeting Minutes

August 10, 2021

Hickory Farms Community Association Board of Directors Monthly Meeting

Date: August 10, 2021; 7pm—8:45pm

Location: Virtual Meeting via Zoom

Attendance: Sean Coleman – President; Jim Bever - Vice President; Carlie Mensen - Secretary; Ken Sorg - Treasurer; Melissa Stark - Common Area Coordinator; Telah Jackson - Member-at-Large; William Berg – Member-at-Large, Newsletter Editor; Pam Barrett – ACC

  • Call to Order and Virtual Roll Call - 7:00 pm
  • Approval of the July 2021 Minutes – Motion by Telah, 2nd by Sean – all vote yes, Approved
  • Old Business
    • Community Forum – Bridgette B. Gold Project Presentation
      • Motion to approve her project proposal with a minimum of 1 year for the posting of the project sign with the option to remove it sooner if the sign deteriorates for any reason by Carlie, 2nd by Jim; all vote yes, Approved
    • August 23rd Meeting with Counsel on HOA Documents
      • Discussed agenda topics
    • Ad Hoc Working Groups Reports 
    • Communications:  Carlie Mensen and Ken Sorg
      • Demo on basic Slack best practices and how we can better utilize the new tool
    • Meeting Processes:  Ken Sorg and Telah Jackson
      • Next update in November
    • Process Improvement:  Melissa Stark, Carlie Mensen
      • Next update in November
    • Branding:  Melissa Stark, Jim Bever, Telah Jackson
      • Motion that the HFCA Working Group on Branding & Educating the Public, prior to our HFCA Annual Meeting, invite and meet with Real Estate Agents who have handled sales and purchases over the past three years in Hickory Farms or nearby communities so that they may visit our Common areas and share with us their observations on Hickory Farms' competitiveness for sales and rentals as compared with other peer communities.   Motion #1 by Jim, 2nd by Pam, all vote yes, Approved
      • Motion that the HFCA Board, prior to our Annual Meeting, enter into a contract, the tender for which was drafted and competed in 2020 to provide the HFCA Board with the services of a professional to design branding options for the Board's consideration; further, that the HFCA Board should negotiate first with the finalist from the 2020 competition.  Motion #2 by Jim, 2nd by Telah, all vote yes, Approved
    • Financial Planning: Ken Sorg, Jim Bever, Carlie Mensen
      • Update on continued research
    • Community Survey:  Telah Jackson, Bill Berg, Kathie Schmidt, Melissa Stark
      • Community survey was sent out and responses are coming in
    • Treasurer Reports       
      • Draft Budget review for 2022 via Screen Share, further discussion next month
      • Statements sent out via Slack
    • Annual Meeting
      • Motion for the Annual Meeting to be Zoom only due to increase in Covid cases this year by Telah, 2nd by Pam, all vote yes, Approved
      • Voting options will need to be researched, selected, and reviewed with the attorney  
      • Motion to move the annual meeting to Oct. 20th to allow more planning time by Sean, 2nd by Jim, all vote yes, Approved
    • Newsletter
      • Sept Newsletter will send by Sept. 20 (1 month before new meeting date) with the proposed budget
      • October communications will go out during the annual meeting, so no October newsletter will be sent
    • ACC
      • Letters from inspections are still in progress of being mailed
      • 4379 Farm House Lane status: the neighboring path is flooding their property. The easement of neighboring path to Glenmere Rd. is currently unknown. Action for Sean to go to VDOT website and request a repair, if it is denied the board will explore other options for determining the path owner
    • Motion to Adjourn at 9:02 by Telah, 2nd by Melissa, all vote yes