Hickory Farms

HFCA Board Meeting Minutes

September 14, 2021

Hickory Farms Community Association Board of Directors

Date: September 14, 2021; 7pm—9:00 pm

Location: Virtual Meeting via Zoom

Attendance: Sean Coleman – President; Jim Bever - Vice President; Carlie Mensen - Secretary; Ken Sorg - Treasurer; Melissa Stark - Common Area Coordinator; Telah Jackson - Member-at-Large, Pam Barrett – ACC

  • Call to Order and Roll Call at 7:05
  • Approval of the August 2021 Minutes motion by Jim, 2nd by Melissa; all vote yes-approved
  • Old Business  
    • Summary of August 23rd Meeting with Counsel on HOA Documents
    • Letter to County regarding 4339 Farm House Lane – no response as of Sept. 14th meeting.
    • Girl Scout Project Sign by Rabbit Run –communication for corrections and for better sealing communicated back and confirmed they will resolve. Recommend proofing prior to printing for next scout projects.
  • Treasurer Report and budget presentation
    • Motion to utilize the current reserve study as-is (i.e. it is good enough for planning purposes) for all financial planning decisions going forward until it is updated by Ken, 2nd by Jim; all vote yes-approved
    • Motion to set the goal of maintaining our reserve at 60-70% of the reserve study by Ken, 2nd by Jim; all vote yes-approved
    • Motion to utilize this formula below when calculating dues every year going forward: current assessment + rolling 12 month CPI in July of each year (BLS) + (other known expense changes + voted improvement + reserve funding changes)/198 = new dues by Ken, 2nd by Jim; all vote yes-approved
    • Motion to approved the proposed draft budget presented and posted in Slack by Jim, 2nd by Carlie; all vote yes-approved
  • ACC Report on Inspections
    • Letters from inspections are still in progress of being mailed-the team is verifying items have not been resolved prior to sending delayed letters
    • 2 open requests, recently worked through 4 challenging cases
  • Nominations for New Board
    • Current board members are willing to serve another team if supported by the community, will continue to seek new interested members with inputs from the community survey
    • Kathie Schmitt has submitted her resignation. The current board is thankful for her time and support during the last term.
  • Community Survey Results
    • Results shared live on-screen share and will be uploaded to Slack following the meeting
  • Presentations for Annual Meeting
    • Tentative plan for presentations to be finalized over Slack: Melissa (common areas), Ken (budget), and Sean (president) and Telah (survey results), Pam (ACC), Social Committee (TBD)
    • Meeting Oct 20th, slides due 1 week prior, may review slides at Oct 12th board meeting or via an additional session if needed
    • Will start a meeting logistics thread on Slack to coordinate voting, agenda, presentations, registration
  • Newsletter budget and proxy ballots due this weekend for printing in Sept. Newsletter
  • Common Areas
    • Motion for TruGreen to aerate and seed the common areas for up to $3000 already budgeted in the 2021 by Melissa, 2nd by Jim, all vote yes-approved
    • Motion for TruGreen to do a fall weed treatment in the upper commons and lower commons for $575 to counteract missed mows (9) and resulting increased weeds by Melissa, 2nd by Jim, all vote yes-approved
    • Motion to hire MTM landscaping, a new company, to remediate the weeds the upper common island and Crabtree island (current company was not following directions) for up to $1600 for labor and removal by Melissa, 2nd by Jim, all vote yes-approved
  • Branding contract
    • Contract was signed and the work is already in progress 
  • New business
    • Motion to assess the lower end of the lower common’s path and get 3 cost estimates in the winter for work to be done early spring with funds from the reserve by Jim, 2nd by Pam; all vote yes-approved
  • Motion to Adjourn at by Sean, 2nd by Jim, all vote yes-approved