Hickory Farms

HFCA Board Meeting Minutes

July 14, 2020

Topic: HFCA BoD Zoom Meeting
Time: Jul 14, 2020 07:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada) 

Attendees: Chuck Stewart, Kathie Schmidt, Carlie Mensen, Pam Barrett, Jim Bever, Melissa Stark, Telah Jackson, Debbi Buchanan, William Berg, Kirk Randall, Ken Sorg, Ron Arnold, Claire Coleman, Bruce Bernhardt, Sarah Tropiano

  • Open and Introductions
  • Motion to approve June BoD meeting minutes
    • VOTE: Approved June meeting minutes – All in favor (with name spelling error correction)
  • Training Documents – Sent in advance
  • New Business/Open Discussion Nominating Committee
    • Jim Bever has started the nominating process
  • Annual Meeting Discussion of how to manage the yearly meeting. Zoom or potentially outside in the common area. Worried the common area would be too cold in October. (updated note following meeting: Green Acres has cancelled all 
    • Potentially vote with chat, will need to figure out how to manage those who call in. Might be able to sign people in and verify identity in the waiting room. Might have a pre-meeting for those to make sure they can join. Paper ballots are another option. Carlie Mensen, Ken Sorg, and Telah Jackson will collaborate on options going forward.
    • Carlie will check if our projector will work in Green Acres if we are able to go indoors
  • Commons 2021 Reviewed slides presented by Melissa Stark
    • Highlights: Discussion on Locust trees that dropped branches straddling the commons and resident property, cleaned up by Melissa and Jarrett Stark. Discussed funding of Eagle Scout project and benches, there is a precedent for funding scout projects in the past. Melissa will bring the pricing list once complete.
    • Discussed the Aerating and Seeding and Mowing Quotes and Invoices, available to board members on the HFCA website.
      • Motion to approve by Melissa Stark, 2nd by Kirk Randal 
      • VOTE: Aerating and Seeding estimated 2021 budged spend is $3000: All Approve  
    • Invasive Management Team-volunteer request, newsletter articles with information on what is invasive and how we can try to control it.
    • Discussed tree/shurb planting in the upper commons, discussed the idea of allowing people to sponsor trees instead of the funds coming out of the budget.
      • Motion to vote to approve by Debbi Buchanan 2nd by Telah Jackson
      • VOTE: 2020 Planting of $7220 as presented on slides, all in favor (Kathie and Jim were not on the call at this time due to technical issues)
  • Commons Policy Paper 
    • Discussed changing from a policy to a Vision/Mission Statement and making edits to address concerns shared via email. Melissa will determine if there is a way to do group “tracked changes” in Google Docs or Word.
    • Table until changes are made.
  • Strategic Planning 
    • Time yielded to Common Area review at 8:48.
  • Golf 
    • Skipped due to time constraints
  • Insurance Study
    • Skipped due to time constraints
  • Reserve Funding Study
    • Skipped due to time constraints
  • RPA Tree Removal 
    • Skipped due to time constraints
  • Political Signage and Disclosure Packet
    • On July 13th, Kirk Randall consulted with the Association’s attorney Bill Mason on how to respond to the new VPOAA Disclosure Packet’s requirement #12 regarding restrictions on political signs on homeowner lots.  Bill strongly advised that we simply quote the Declaration language, no more, no less.  
    • Further discussed adding details to allow political signs since the current wording could imply they are not allowed, the consensus of the Board members was to follow Bill’s advice to meet the intent of requirement #12 as the purpose of the discussion was not to address changing our current Deed of Dedication and Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions. (post meeting note: Kirk updated our Disclosure Packet accordingly following this meeting)
  • Standing Agenda Items Treasurer 2019 Taxes 
    • Skipped due to time constraints
  • Actuals Monthly Report 
    • Skipped due to time constraints
  • Common Areas 
    • Covered above
  • Architectural Control Committee 
    • Discussed vehicles on Roundtop
  • At Large Issues Telah Jackson: Planning  
    • Skipped due to time constraints
  • Debbi Bucannon: 
    • Skipped due to time constraints
  • Kirk Randall:   
    • Skipped due to time constraints
  • Bill Berg: Newsletter Printing  
    • Bill emailed in advance that he would not be able make the meeting and requested For August newsletter input I request submissions by the 29th of July
  • Vice President   
    • Discussed that insurance covers “Board Members” and not a specific # and it is up for renewal soon.
  • President adjourned at 9:38
    • Next Meeting Date (August 11, 2020) 

Email voting records since last month’s meeting:

  • Vote for: $2,545 expense against Common Areas Remediation. J&L Tree service for tree removal of reference number 7 at $450 and Precision Tree Service tree pruning/removal of reference number 1 - 6 and number 8 for $2,095  (please note - neighbor will be writing a check for $125 to cover their half of the tree to Precision Tree Service).   This would be a total cost of $2,545 against the Common Areas Remediation budget. 7 Yes, 3 No Email Response (need 100% participation to pass a vote via email)