Hickory Farms

HFCA Board Meeting Minutes

August 8, 2023

Minutes of the Hickory Farms HOA Board held on 8 August 2023 



Microsoft Teams video 

In Attendance: 

Telah Jackson-Vice President 

Tad Weed- Associate Treasurer  

Ken Sorg- Departing Treasurer 

Ben Noviello- Secretary 

Melissa Stark- Common Areas 
Judy Deng- Treasurer 

Charles Chu- Member at large 

Pam Barret – Member at large 


Meeting began at 7:00  

Tad moved that the July minutes be approved; Ben seconded; the motion passed.  

Old Business 

Treasurers Report 

Judy reported that she had submitted the updated registration with the Virginia State Corporation commission, and had produced the 2023 annual report for inclusion in the newsletter.   

There was a discussion of the budget, and agreement to set the annual printing costs at $750. 

Based upon the annual inflation rate, it was reported that the annual fees in 2024 would be increased by 3%, as required by the bylaws.   

Commons Area Report 

Melissa reported the following: 

She had reached out to several mowers to get bids for lawn care. 

She recommended returning to “True Green” for weed control because invasive weeds were becoming more common.  Annual costs were estimated to be about $2300 for the year  

She referred to the Braddock newsletter regarding “Tree of Heaven,” which is an invasive tree that is proliferating in the lower commons.  Removal will require hiring a professional “grinder,” with an estimated cost of $4000.  Melissa indicated a desire to advertise this with neighbors. 

She warned that there were many fallen and damaged trees, and the expected cost of dealing with these was from $5000 to $6000.   

Ben moved to return to “True Green.”; Telah seconded; The motion passed. 

Telah moved to approve the “Tree of Heaven” removal; Pam seconded; The motion passed. 

Annual Meeting 

Ben provided an update on the plan to notify homeowners regarding the need to authorize proxies.   

Ben offered to ensure that the presentations were in the same format as last year. 

New Business 

Charles agreed to coordinate with Judy so as to ensure that the community insurance forms were correct, especially in regard to the individuals listed.   

There was a discussion of the need to better communicate the closing documents needed to sell a home.  

Ben offered to send out another notification on the listserv regarding the need for a president.  

The September meeting was moved to Wednesday the 6th and 7:00  

Melissa moved that the meeting be adjourned, Ben seconded; motion passed 

Meeting adjourned at 8:10