Hickory Farms

HFCA Board Meeting Minutes

July 11, 2023

Minutes of the Hickory Farms HOA Board held on 11 July 2023 



Microsoft Teams video 

In Attendance: 

Telah Jackson-Vice President 

Tad Weed- Associate Treasurer  

Ken Sorg- Departing Treasurer 

Ben Noviello- Secretary 

Melissa Stark- Common Areas 
Judy Deng- Treasurer 

Charles Chu- Member at large 


Meeting began at 7:00 

Charles moved that the June minutes be approved; Telah seconded; the motion passed.  

Old Business 

Treasurers Report 

Judy reported her actions as new treasurer, which included uploading bank statements and other financial documents to Teams,as well as reconciling all accounts.  

Departing treasurer, Ken, reported that he had mailed the HOA tax returns and insurance payments. 

Judy suggested, and Ken agreed, that it would be useful to have access to an experienced insurance advisor who could review and track the HOA insurance policies.  

Ken moved that Ben should send out a request on the listserv for an insurance advisor; Telah seconded; the motion passed.  

Ken announced his formal resignation from the board effective 23 July. The board expressed their gratitude to Ken for all that he had accomplished as treasurer.  

Commons Area Report 

Melissa reported the following: 

The “lamb mowers” will return for a visit in the fall. 

The recent high winds have resulted in many fallen tree limbs and dead trees in the commons area. Bob Cosgriff has agreed to help survey the area in order to help obtain quotes to remove the dead trees.  

 The process of obtaining bids for next year’s mowing is ongoing.  

A homeowner has offered to plant and maintain a selection of fruit trees and fruiting bushes in the lower commons area. Concern was expressed that this might attract unwanted animals, yield unwanted fallen fruit, and be a potential liability.  


Telah moved that Ben should put a request in the listserv seeking community input regarding the offer of plantings in the commons area; Ben seconded; the motion passed.  


New Business 

Melissa indicated a desire to invite a few ACC members to a future board meeting, and also   agreed to reach out to them.  

It was confirmed that the HOA meeting is scheduled for 17 October at 7PM.  

Telah moved that the meeting be adjourned, Ben seconded; motion passed 

Meeting adjourned at 7:45