Hickory Farms

HFCA Board Meeting Minutes

January 20, 2021

Hickory Farms Community Association Board of Directors

Date: January 20, 2021; 7:00pm

Location: Virtual meeting via Zoom

Attendance: Kathie Schmidt-Vice President; Carlie Mensen-Secretary; Pam Barrett-ACC; Jim Bever-Treasurer; Melissa Stark-Common Coordinator; Telah Jackson-Planning; Debbi Buchanan-Neighborhood Watch; William Berg-Newsletter; Ken Sorg-Non-Board Member; Meredith Perkins-Community Member; Theresa Perry-Community Member, Sarah Tropiano-Community Member

  • Training
    • Recommend that the board members review the Fairfax County Community Associate Guide: https://www.fairfaxcounty.gov/cableconsumer/sites/cableconsumer/files/assets/documents/pdf/20200901-community-manual.pdf 
  • Approval of December 2020 Minutes
    • Motion to approve the document sent at the conclusion of Dec. 8 meeting with the following minor changes: Added board member titles, vote counts, and moved the email vote to the bottom by Debbie, 2nd by Telah, all approve
  • Reports
    • Treasurer - Statement sent prior to meeting for review. 
    • 2021 Annual Assessments-100% payment!
    • Annual Financial Review Late Jan 2021: Planning to perform the year-end review with Jim Bever (treasurer), Ken Sorg (assistant treasurer), and Bruce Bernhardt (community volunteer) prior to the Feb board meeting, date and time to be determined.
    • Motion that we amend the 2021 budget to increase the common area expense category for improvement by $7220 and reduce the same amount from the capitol reserves to cover previously approved expense for common area planting that was committed in 2020 and was delivered in January 2021 from the vendor by Jim, 2nd by Melissa, Yes- 8, No- 0; Approved
  • Social Committee
    • Motion for the social committee to move forward with the presented plan and communications to the list-serv by Carlie, 2nd by Kathie, Yes - 8, No – 0; Approved
  • Strategic Plan Committee
    • Motion to post the current Strategic Plan to the website knowing that it is a living document and changes can be made by Teleh, 2nd Debbie; Yes - 8, No – 0; Approved
    • Motion to reschedule the meeting to review the Strategic Plan with the community for early February made by Telah, 2nd Melissa, Yes - 8, No- 0; Approved
  • Newsletter
    • Input needed by next Wednesday January 27th.
    • Discussion about producing the newsletter electronically with opting in or out of the hard copy version, plan to discuss concerns and questions via email in preparation for revisiting the topic during the February meeting.
  • Common Areas Committee 
    • Motion to approve premium lawn and landscape to water newly planted trees and shrubs as well as entrance flowers for any time that falls below the minimum 2 hours required per visit for an amount not to exceed $3380 for 2021 from the Common Area Maintenance Budget, according to the vendor quote # 61965 sent prior to the meeting, the vendor will only come water when directed by the Commons Coordinator who determines watering is needed. Melissa, 2nd Carlie, Yes- 8, No- 0, Approved
    • Motion to plant, clean up, mulch and weed the entrance flower beds according to quote sent prior to meeting, not to exceed $1318 for 2021, vendor quote 61966 from the Common Area Maintenance Budget by Melissa, 2nd Debbie, Yes- 8, No-0, Approved
    • Motion for mowing and leaf cleanup from the common areas, a total up to $14,000 that would allow up-to 31 mows and up-to 15 hours of leaf clean-up, according to vendor quote number 61967, by Melissa, 2nd by Carlie, Yes- 8, No- 0, Approved
  • Nominating Committee Status & Plans for March Election of Board 
    • Email questions or discussion topics to Jim
  • New Business
    • Establish a committee or working group to review rules, procedures and processes-moved to February due to time constraints
  •   Move into Executive Session
    • Motion to cancel the planned executive session by Kathie, 2nd by Pam, Yes- 8, No- 0, Approved
    • Motion to schedule an executive session for February to discuss legal matters by Jim, 2nd by Telah, Yes - 6, No – 2; Approved 
  • Vote for Interim President and establish date and time for next board meeting
    • Vote for 2nd Tuesday at 7pm, All agree
    • Motion for Kathie to continue as acting president by Jim, 2nd by Telah, Vote: Yes-8, No-0, approved
  • Motion to adjourn meeting by Debbie, 2nd by Kathie, all approve