Hickory Farms

HFCA Board Meeting Minutes

June 9, 2020

Date: June 9, 2020 at 7:30pm

Attendees: Chuck Stewart, Kathie Schmidt, Carlie Mensen, Pam Barrett, Jim Bever, Melissa Stark, Telah Jackson, Debbi Buchanan, William Berg, Kirk Randall, Bruce Bernhardt, Ken Sorg, Meredith Perkins, Bryan Crabtree, Sarah Tropiano

Open and Introductions

Motion to approve May BoD meeting minutes 

All in favor

Training Documents and Zoom Polling

  • Tested Zoom polling capability and discussed limitations/options if we cannot host the yearly meeting at Green Acres
  • Discussion about potentially reducing the 90-day requirement for the nomination committee. No proposed changes based on the brief discussion, but a more detailed discussion may need to occur in the future. 

New Business/Open Discussion Social Committee, Parade

  • Social committee wants to move forward while waiting for police response due to short timeline, the proposed date is Sunday, June 14th at 4:30pm.
  • Newsletter with Senior Pictures, a thank you to the DJ company for discounted rate. 
  • Want to publicize starting tomorrow (Wednesday, June 10, 2020)
  • Discussed details and ideas to contribute to the planning
  • Final cost estimates $350 for DJ and up to $150 additional costs. Note that under normal circumstances we would compare prices for proposed expenses.
  • Vote to move forward with the Parade = Yes, Count: Unanimous


  • Past 6 months two different parties witnessed hitting golf balls in the common area
  • Concerns damage/insurance cost and potential injury
  • Referenced prior newsletter article and email discussion
  • Propose restricting all golfing or a newsletter/listserv
  • Start with news article, listserv, and Nextdoor communication on hazard, concerns, and leaving a mess in the common areas/damaging grass. Kirk will write up communication for approval.
  • Move forward with a restriction if conditions do not improve

Document Integration Discussion (Strategic Planning, Reserve Fund Study, and Budget) Date and time of Board Strategic Planning Meeting 

  • Proposed a weekend “retreat” outdoors/social distanced.
  • Agreed on the date of June 28th, Kathie is the only one who noted they may not be able to attend from 9am-11.

Document Integration Discussion

  • Document and cost integration issue will be a topic at the Strategic Planning Meeting on June 28th.
  • Graphic ArtistDiscussed options for graphic designers, professionals with existing quotes, a neighborhood contest, or finding a talented high school student or professional resident. 
  • Current action for Bryan to draft up examples using the current logo he designed on the website before we decide to take any further actions.
  • Items affected by the new branding: Templates, Community Signs, Website, Newsletter.
  • Entrance signs (brick) will be a discussion during the strategic planning meeting.
  • Example image of sign that was discussed during the meeting. Not representative of any decisions or future direction.

Reserve Funding Study

  • We did the study internally vs. outsourcing
  • Asked the board to review emailed document to review and ensure all capital items are listed. Also asked to check cost estimates and assumptions. 
  • Costs are should reflect replacement costs of current item (not upgrades), the study would need to be adjusted if we were to upgrade an item to a higher quality.
  • Potential to hire a civil engineer to help verify estimates.
  • Discussion on special assessment and raising HOA fees to maintain accordingly.
  • Could we insure items vs. keeping a reserve? Could help avoid special assessment risks.
  • Reserve fund committee to discuss offline and re-visit during the next board meeting.Insurance Study

Nothing for this week.

  • Standing Agenda Items Treasurer 2019 Taxes
  • Jim had to drop off, Chuck to follow up with Jim offline.

Actuals Monthly Report (Should be shared before the meeting) 

Common Areas 

  • Major storm on Friday, June 5: the older catalpa tree in the Upper Commons was severely damaged, Precision Tree Service will be coming out on Wednesday to inspect and price out 7 trees that need dead branch limbing and/or possible removal. A report will be sent for review, once pricing has been received.

Architectural Control Committee

  • Met with a couple of households and used Google translator to help resolve some issues.

At Large IssuesE. Telah Jackson: Planning 

No additional comments

Debbi Buchanan

No additional comments

Kirk Randall: 

No additional comments

Bill Berg: Newsletter Printing (1 Minute) 

Weekend of June 27th, inputs due on the Wed, June 24th; draft will be sent on Thurs. June 25th; final draft sent on Friday, June 26th, print on June 26-27th.

Vice President

No additional comments


Next Meeting Date (July 14, 2020) 

Adjourn Meeting at 9:49

Email voting records since last month’s meeting:

Vote to approve the Data Backup with the details listed below: Yes, Count: 7 Yes, 3 Abstained

Our current web hosting plan (inmotion.com Launch Plan) offers Unlimited Disk Space

The backup plan that our web host provides will backup nightly

The hosted backup plan costs $24/year for 10GB of disk space (We are currently using 2.855GB of disk space) and is renewed along with our hosting plan every 2 years. Our next 2-year renewal will be February 2021.

Current pro-rated cost is $17.82, 2-year renewal cost will be $48.

Backup Manager Agreement:

Backup and Restoration Process Info: