Hickory Farms

HFCA Board Meeting Minutes

June 8, 2021

Hickory Farms Community Association Board of Directors

June 8, 2021     7pm—8:45pm

Virtual Meeting via Zoom

Attendance: Sean Coleman – President; Jim Bever - Vice President; Carlie Mensen - Secretary; Pam Barrett - ACC; Ken Sorg - Treasurer; Melissa Stark - Common Area Coordinator; Telah Jackson - Member-at-Large; William Berg – Member-at-Large, Newsletter Editor; Meredith Perkins 

  • Call to Order and Roll Call
  • Approval of the May 2021 Minutes
    • Motion to approve May 2021 HFCA meeting minutes sent from the secretary via email by Jim, 2nd by Sean, all vote yes, approved
  • Continued follow-up needed to finalize job descriptions approved during May’s meeting           
  • Ad Hoc Working Groups Reports 
    • Communications:  Carlie Mensen and Ken Sorg
      • Motion to run a full trial of all communications through Slack until the next HOA Board meeting to ensure everything is working and everyone can access the necessary information prior to voting it in as our main communications platform by Carlie, 2nd by Telah, all vote yes, approved
    • Meeting Processes:  Ken Sorg and Telah Jackson
      • Ken Sorg shared the notes from the brainstorming session with Sean, Telah, and Ken
      • Next steps to be determined during their next meeting
    • Process Improvement:  Melissa Stark, Carlie Mensen
      • Melissa and Carlie will meet prior to July meeting
    • Branding (combined with community outreach):  Melissa Stark, Jim Bever, Telah Jackson, Brian Crabtree, Sean Collman
      • Continued with work from prior branding efforts
      • Reviewed notes sent by Jim prior to the meeting
    • Financial Planning: Ken Sorg, Jim Bever, Carlie Mensen
      • Motion by Ken, 2nd by Jim: Motion to review by-law changes/wording with our new legal counsel, as appropriate, to potentially change the requirement of an annual audit to an internal financial review with at least two board members and one non-board member in attendance. All vote yes.
      • Motion to move the HOA annual assessment payment window between January 1st to January 31st of each year with late fees as allowed by VPOAA by Jim, 2nd by Ken, all vote yes, approved
      • Presented the concept of a formula for calculating the rate for dues in the future and other items that are still in discussion during working sessions
    • Community Survey:  Telah Jackson, Bill Berg, Kathie Schmidt, Melissa Stark
      • Telah shared the list of questions collected from the working groups that they will be reviewing further during their next meeting.                                        
  • Social Committee 
    • May picnic results-served about 130 Kona Ice with $480 total cost, Motion to approve a 20% tip for the Kona Ice worker by Jim, 2nd by Telah, all vote yes, approved
    • Only 1 of 9 graduates responded with interest in a graduation parade so we will not be moving forward with a parade this year
    • No events planned until September by the Social Committee, but there are some community members who have expressed interest in planning events (a garden tour in July) and they are in contact with the social committee who can help with flyers and notifications
  • Treasurer                    
    • Most recent statements were posted in Slack
  • At Large Issues            
    • Interested in new board members to backfill Debbi Buchanan and prior attrition 
    • Newsletter inputs due the 30th      
  • Common Areas           
    • New plantings are doing well, need to keep up with watering to prevent damage from cicadas
    • Rabbit Run – no county funding this year, likely will be Fiscal Year 2024 until we would see county funding for improvements                                            
  • ACC                              
    • Inspections planned for June 12th, still short one volunteer                                                       
  • Annual Meeting-October 13 
    • Start time is 7:00pm for the community, set up time is 6:30 for the board
    • Two board meetings prior to prep the 2022 budget and reports to the community
  • Motion to adjourn by Telah, 2nd by Jim, all vote yes