Hickory Farms

HFCA Board Meeting Minutes

May 12, 2020

HFCA Board Minutes

May 12, 2020

Prepared by Debbi Buchanan and Carlie Mensen

Zoom Attendance:  Chuck Stewart, Pam Barrett, Bill Berg, Bruce Bernhardt, Jim Bever, Debbi Buchanan, Bryan Crabtree, Telah Jackson, Carlie Mensen, Kirk Randall, Kathie Schmidt, Ken Sorg, and Melissa Stark


  • Introductions
  • Motion to Approve February, March and April Board Meeting Minutes: Motion was made and seconded.  Unanimously approved.
  • Training Documents – Skipped due to time limitation.
  • Votes for positions
    • Vote for Social Committee Head - Officer - Tabled.
    • Vote for Secretary was held in the Executive Session.  Vote result was announced in an open Board meeting.  Carlie was reported and approved as Secretary and voted on the Board.
  • New Business/Open Discussion
    • Calendar: Roadmap to Annual Meeting. Major topics were announced for the following Board Meetings:  June – Strategic Planning Committee Strategic Plan; July – Common Areas Planning; August – Inputs to Annual Operating Budget for 2021.  Review Study will also be provided to Board members before the June meeting and discussed at the June Board meeting.  Discussed reviewing and updating the rules and by-laws, correct inconsistent terminology.
    • Branding. More in-depth in the presentation next month. Getting quotes.  Colors, Themes, Website, Signage (same look and feel).  No contracts are being signed, only collecting information.
    • Treasurer and Commons 2019 Update. Melissa and Jim had some discrepancies in the 2019 common areas spending and what was documented for accounting purposes.  Discrepancies were because of differences between cash accounting and there were occasions when expenses were placed under different subaccounts. Discrepancies were due to a civil engineer visit being placed under commons area, some of the Northern path drainage fix expenses being added, as well as some expenses were placed under the incorrect subaccounts.  In conclusion, we need to be diligent as a board regarding unanticipated expenses.  Prior to approving the expense, there should be Board approval on what account the expenses will be assigned to.  
    • Reserve Funding Study.  Jim stated that the study will be done next month and presented to Board members in June for their review, and the estimated Reserve Funding Study contribution for 2021 will be ready for August’s meeting for next year’s budget consideration.
    • Insurance Study. Kathie’s issue with the general liability insurance, its ~$250, they made the changes we requested with respect to the addresses/green areas, the upper commons and area off of Farm House. Need to verify it covers all of our green spaces.  Need to get it documented in the insurance coverage that all seven areas are covered and not just the two street addresses. Still waiting on the copy that was mailed to us.  Jim will keep looking for it to arrive.  Melissa questioned regarding volunteers working without HFCA liability insurance. Kathie developed an insurance waiver and modified it with our names. Once it is done and the Board agrees we can start using it. Discussion around waivers and why we need them and how/how long we store them (paper/electronic).  Boy Scouts may want to bring ~15 volunteers.  Common areas are identified by tax numbers. Insurance company didn’t want to use it. Bruce commented that we need it for all seven common areas to have separate addresses. 
  • Standing Agenda ItemsTreasurer
    • 2019 Taxes.  Jim stated that the business center has our documentation, but we have not heard back.  Deadlines have been extended. HFCA earned about $200 in taxable income in 2019 and paid the accountants about the same amount of money.  We only paid taxes on advertising income, but beginning 1/1/20,  income from the VPOAA disclosure packets may also be considered taxable income for HFCA. Actuals were sent in the financial file.
    • Actuals Monthly Report. Bank statements shared with the attendees
    • Green Acres Center Meeting Room for 2020 Annual Meeting. The meeting is October 26 from 7:30-10pm, $50 deposit was paid by Jim. He suggested just paying the full balance. Others suggested holding off to make sure we can hold the meeting in person, considering the current coronavirus pandemic. Carlie will confirm if we can use  her family’s projector to save $100 (will need to test it to see if it is bright enough for that space).
    • Common Areas.  Post was broken off and found in Fairfax City.  All plantings have been done. Telah asked if there are plans to make the other corner look like the one with the Hickory Farms sign on Roberts Road. Melissa commented that the common areas only maintain the two corners with brick and stone Hickory Farms signs. The Roberts Road Hickory Farms sign on corner (on owners’ property, no easement; informal agreement with property owner that HIckory Farms can maintain the sign there) and Burke Station sign corner (has an easement for the sign footprint. Discussion of who owns areas around signs and easements. Discussion regarding the firewood by the Roberts Road sign, may need to bring it up with the ACC. 
    • Architectural Control Committee.  Pam had one approval and two applications at the end of April, approved a new walkway and enhancements, application for Still Meadow with a new shed and replace fence, and application for deck extension with French doors.
    • Neighborhood Watch.  No comment since on hiatus due to the coronavirus pandemic.
    • At Large Issues
    • Telah: Planning.  Document maintenance – Kirk came across a Rubbermaid tote from 17 years ago, unlimited storage on the website, but auto backup costs money. It gets cost prohibitive once you get too large a volume of storage. We could do $24/year for 10GB.  It would come out of the administrative account. Bryan will investigate and share prior to the Board voting.  Also need to determine proper accesses. Homes need to be mowed on Farm House Lane. Kirk contacted one absentee homeowner and the lawn was mowed the next day.  Fairfax County can take action if grass is over 12” high. Pass on to Pam to add to the annual inspections. First step is always to knock on their door and try to work with them directly and help as a community if needed. If a rental property, we can contact the owner and let them know the tenants are not maintaining the lawn.  ACC can go after the blatant issues at any time.  A suggestion was made to include the Annual Property Inspection checklist in the June newsletter so that the annual inspection process can be maintained without interruption by the coronavirus pandemic. Every property owner will be encouraged to perform their own property inspection using the checklist.  
    • Bill: Newsletter Printing. Need input by May 27th to make the next issue. 
    • Vice President.  No comments.
    • President
    • Next Meeting Date (June 9, 2020)
    • Adjourn Meeting 9:10 p.m