Hickory Farms

HFCA Board Meeting Minutes

March 9, 2021

Hickory Farms Community Association Board of Directors

March 9, 2020 at 7pm

Location: Virtual Meeting via Zoom

Attendance: Sean Coleman – President; Jim Bever - Vice President; Carlie Mensen - Secretary; Pam Barrett - ACC; Ken Sorg - Treasurer; Melissa Stark - Common Area Coordinator; Telah Jackson - Member-at-Large; Debbi Buchanan – Member-at-Large, Neighborhood Watch; William Berg – Member-at-Large, Newsletter Editor; Kathie Schmidt-Member-at-Large; Sarah Tropiano – Social Committee 

Approval of the February 2021 Minutes

  • Motion by Carlie, 2nd by Telah, all vote Yes-Approved

Candidate Nominations to fill open board positions

  • Call for Nominations from the floor
    • Vice President—nomination of Jim Bever by Sean, 2nd by Debbie, all vote-Yes-Approved
    • Treasurer—nomination of Ken Sorg by Jim, 2nd by Debbie, all vote Yes-Approved
  • Positions still open, Member at Large and Assistant Treasurer

Short discussion on adding photos and bio of Board and CAC members to respective pages on the Hickory Farms website – 

  • Optional action for all Board and CAC members to send Bryan a headshot photo and a small biography to post on the Website.  
  • Action for Sean to work with Bryan to determine if it is possible to make the bios un-searchable on the web, potentially only assessable to those who have an account

Motion to follow Robert’s Rules of Order to conduct our business – Hickory Farms HOA Board of Directors hereby resolves to adopt Robert’s Rules of Order for the conduct of its meetings and the Association’s annual meeting. 

  • Motion by Jim, 2nd by Telah, All vote yes-Passed

Amended Motion for Hickory Farms HOA Board of Directors to add a Homeowners Forum segment to its monthly meetings starting in April 2021.  This Homeowners Forum segment shall be placed early on the Agenda.  It will allow homeowners in the Community to speak directly to the Board for a specific time slot.  If only one community member wishes to be heard they shall be given five minutes to speak.  If more than one wishes to address the Board then up to three members shall each be allocated three minutes a piece to address the Board.  The Secretary or other board member as designated shall control the time.  All members of the Board remain happy to discuss issues of concern from the Community outside of Board meetings and bring those discussions to the attention of the Board.  

  • Motion by Sean, 2nd by Ken, All Vote Yes-Passed


  • Bank statements were sent via email for board member review
  • Annual Review Complete – discussion on current requirements to perform an annual audit by a CPA 
    • Action for Jim to research the cost of a CPA audit and present at a future board meeting
  • Next Year’s Budget – discussion on planning for 2021 budget and dues  
  • Electronic Payments
    • Ken Sorg to research options for electronic payments

Social Committee – 

  • Block Representatives – still seeking representatives from some cul-de-sacs (Tumbleweed  Harvester Farm, Country Squire, and Wheatfield)
  • Virtual Spring Gathering options will be presented by the Social Committee to the board during future meetings taking current restrictions into account

At Large Issues

  • Newsletter— input needed by close of business March 31st
    • Will revisit in May the topic of print vs. electronic newsletters after the block-captains gauge community interest
  • Neighborhood Watch-currently researching how other communities are managing during Covid


  • Generate a newsletter article for ACC requirements 
  • Action: Pam to bring plan for yearly ACC walk-arounds to April’s meeting

Common Areas 

  • Rabbit Run update regarding the tree behind 10004 Cotton Farm Rd. that had been approved by Fairfax County to be removed, as long as it is replaced with another 2 in. caliper tree.  Upon further discussion, the Rabbit Run tree is in no immediate danger of hitting a home, it is still very much alive, but is being undercut by each heavy rain we have (please note....its root base is extensive & the tree still looks flush with the earth, even though half the trees roots are exposed underneath).  If the tree were to fall, it would fall in the direction of Rabbit Run, away from homes.  This looks though like it could take many years before that would happen. The CAC is recommending at this time that the BOD put removing this tree on hold and not remove it in 2021 because it looks like the Rabbit Run Remediation project with Fairfax County scored high and Hickory Farms may be added to Fairfax County's FY22 budget. This tree will more than likely be taken care of by the Rabbit Run Remediation project & save us close to $2,400 in our budget (removal cost + new tree purchase/planting cost).
  • Northern Path
  • Motion by Melissa, 2nd by Debbie, to approve limb clean up on multiple large trees and 1 dead tree removal along the Northern Path by Precision Tree for $2200, all vote yes: Approved

Board Off-site to discuss 2021 priorities and processes 

  • Larry Rogers has agreed to facilitate
  • Discussed date options in April

Annual Meeting          

  • Tentative for the week October 4
  • Action: Sean to talk to Green Acres community center regarding  available dates

Email vote since last meeting 

  • Reaffirm email vote to pay for InMotion Hosting services to service our Hickory Farms website (2 years of Launch Plan & Backup Manager services & an annual IP Address charge) by Sean, 2nd by Pam 2nd, all vote Yes: Passed