Hickory Farms

HFCA Board Meeting Minutes

May 9, 2023

Minutes of the Hickory Farms HOA Board held on 9 May 2023 



Microsoft Teams video 

In Attendance: 

Telah Jackson-Vice President 

Tad Weed- Associate Treasurer  

Ken Sorg- Treasurer 

Ben Noviello-Secretary 

Melissa Stark- Common Areas 
Pam Barrett – Member at large 


The meeting began at 7:05 


Melissa moved to accept the April minutes.   Telah seconded.  Minutes were approved 


Old Business 

Treasurer’s Report  

Ken reported that this might be his last meeting as Treasurer. He provided an overview of the software tools, “Money Minder” and “Cheddar-Up”, and their basic functions, such as the Money Minder “reconciliation” function that helps to reconcile banking statements and invoices.   Ken stressed that all relevant data will be in the Treasury channels under Teams. 

Tad reported that a 7-month Certificate of Deposit has been purchased for the HOA. 

Ben offered to write a position notice for a new treasurer, to be placed on Listserv.  

Commons Area Report 

Melissa presented a plan to uncover portions of a legacy swimming pool located in the upper commons area.  She offered to do some more research and present this information in Teams. 

Telah presented an update on action items that are still with the former HOA President.  Telah offered to summarize these and post them on Teams.   

Melissa moved to accept the draft of an invitation to be sent to the HOA board of George Mason Forest development.  Telah seconded, and the motion passed.  Telah offered to mail the invitation to the George Mason Forest board. 

New Business 


Telah reported that a new “Logo folder” had been added to Teams. 

Ben promised to create calendar notices in Teams for future meetings through the end of the year. 

Pamela reported that she had printed extra newsletters with her color printer, for which the Board expressed its thanks. 

The Board expressed deep appreciation and thanks to Ken Sorg for his service as Treasurer, with special notice being made of how much the processes and procedures being followed under his tenure had improved.   

Ben moved to adjourn, and Telah seconded. Motion passed. 

Meeting Adjourned at 8:15