Hickory Farms

HFCA Board Meeting Minutes

November 10, 2020

Hickory Farms Community Association Board of Directors

November 10, 2020 at 7:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Location Zoom: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/84462065467?pwd=Ym9JaTdsN2YrTzZMMmtqcnVwcit1dz09


Chuck Stewart, Kathie Schmidt, Carlie Mensen, Pam Barrett, Jim Bever, Melissa Stark, Telah Jackson, Debbi Buchanan, William Berg, Kirk Randall, John Kitzmiller, Ken Sorg, Bruce Bernhardt, Meredith Perkins           

Topics of Discussion:

  • Opening Remarks
  • Training: By Jim Bever, Reviewed treasurer responsibilities as listed in the by-laws. Discussed need for board members to approve expenditures before spending and clarified that the budget itself is an estimate and not approval to spend HFCA funds
  • Discussed drafting processes after the January financial review
  • Approval of Minutes from October
    • Motion to approve October 13 and October 27 meeting minutes sent via email from Carlie Mensen on October 27; all in favor—approved 
  • Strategic Plan Presentation
    • Slides shared by Telah Jackson
    • Slides concluded with next steps as follows:
      • The Strategic Planning Committee – our work is done
      • Strategic Plan – Committees Update Once or twice a year
      • The Board – Set a time each year for the survey and to align the strategy and budget
      • Board Approval of these actions
      • Presentation to the community to educate on the strategy and branding (11-17-20)
  • Common Areas items for discussion
    • Motion to accept Tru-green proposal (emailed prior to meeting) for 3 applications, paying in advance for a 3% discount by Melissa, 2nd by Debbie; 7 Yes, 2 Abstain, 1 No—approved
    • Update on removal of falling tree in rabbit run; removal was approved by Fairfax County earlier this year. Bid were obtained from tree Precision Tree Service for $1850 to flush cut as recommended by Fairfax County, and Daniels for $1800 to flush cut and remove limbs. There is not enough money left in the commons area budget for this year. We should look to move forward in 2021. Also starting planning for the replacement tree that is required per Fairfax County.         
    • Motion that the west side of lot #41 and east of the asphalt path not be mowed as part of the HFCA mowing contract (does not include the space west of the asphalt path) by Chuck, 2nd by Telah, 8 Yes, 2 Abstain—Passed (the area discussed is owned by the homeowner of lot #41 and not HFCA)
    • Discussed mowing along Roberts Rd and Burke Station, but need more information regarding our own association documentation, land ownership, easements, and laws before discussing further
    • Discussed surveying and marking the property lines for the association’s common areas 
  • John's concerns sent to the board via email regarding bike safety and dogs safety in front yards
    • Discussed putting together future news articles to address safety concerns. Meredith agreed to work with Chuck to write article on the bike concern.
  • Motion to close meeting by Chuck, 2nd by Jim; All in favor.