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Neighborhood Watch

Isn't it worth 2 hours every 3 months to help keep Hickory Farms safe?

Hickory Farms is a Neighborhood Watch community. Every Friday and Saturday night, two volunteers slowly drive through Hickory Farms and look for suspicious activity. The car is marked with bright "Neighborhood Watch" signs. When the volunteers see something suspicious, they call 911 (This hardly ever happens). Volunteers never confront or chase after troublemakers.

Neighborhood Watch helps keep Hickory Farms a safe and secure place to live. Police studies have shown that communities with Neighborhood Watch have less crime than those that do not.

While everyone in Hickory Farms benefits from Neighborhood Watch, not everyone participates. Won't you please join the Neighborhood Watch patrol? The more neighbors who join, the less often each of us has to volunteer. Three to four hours every three months is all it takes to make the program work! Husbands and wives frequently patrol as a team to get a few hours of quality time together. Sometimes, a parent and high school age student will volunteer. And, if your significant other can't or won't volunteer, you'll be teamed with a similarly situated neighbor.

To volunteer for Neighborhood Watch, please contact the Neighborhood Watch coordinator listed on the Home Page.

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