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Virginia Property Owners’ Association Act Disclosure Packet

Please read this if you plan to sell your home

Homeowners, when you sell your home in Hickory Farms, you are required by Virginia law to give to the purchaser the Hickory Farms Community Association’s (Association) Virginia Property Owners’ Association Act (VPOAA) Disclosure Packet.

Under Section 3.1(d) of the Association’s Rules and Regulations, beginning January 1, 2020, homeowners will be assessed a $146.71 fee for the preparation and delivery of a Disclosure Packet. This fee complies with Common Interest Community Board regulations under the VPOAA.

You or your agent should contact both the Treasurer at and Architectural Control Committee (ACC) chairperson at to request a Disclosure Packet. You should submit your request at least four weeks prior to closing in order to give our volunteer Board members adequate time to respond. Regardless of whom requests the Disclosure Packet, you the homeowner are legally responsible under VPOAA to ensure it gets delivered to the purchaser in a timely manner.

The purchaser may cancel the contract for any reason within three days of receiving the Disclosure Packet.

The Hickory Farms Disclosure Packet comes in two parts:

Part 1 contains specific information about your property. Before Part 1 is emailed to you by the Treasurer, your property exterior will be inspected by a member of Architectural Control Committee (ACC) to determine compliance with the Hickory Farms Rules and Regulations and Restrictive Covenants (See Article VII). If it is not in compliance, the Part 1 letter will direct you to bring the property into compliance before closing. If you refuse to comply, the purchaser could cancel the sale. A member of the ACC may arrive unannounced to see if someone is home before inspecting the property. If no one is at home, they will do a quick walk around the property. If you do not want the person to enter your yard unattended, (if, say, you have a dog), you must arrange a meeting time.

Part 2 contains general information applicable to all homes in Hickory Farms. This document is available for free download by clicking this link.

When you receive the Disclosure Packet, you or your real estate agent should immediately forward a copy to 1) the purchaser and 2) your settlement agent.

The $146.71 fee must be paid before Part 1 can be delivered to you.

You may pay by a check or money order made out to “HFCA.” Write your Hickory Farms address and telephone number on it. Mail it to HFCA, P.O. Box 2239, Fairfax VA 22031. We encourage you to mail it at the same time you contact us to request Part 1 of the Disclosure Packet. This gives time for U.S mail, holidays, Sundays, and for deposit and clearing of the check at our bank, as well as resolving delays, misdirected checks, etc.

For a small $4.69 processing fee, you may wish to pay by credit card which will be credited to your account in hours, not days. Use the following link to pay by credit card or PayPal:

Total: $151.40

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